Griffiths Valuation Index of Persons

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Quigley John Ussey
Quigley Michael Balling
Quigley Patrick Toberroe West
Quin Andrew Keeloges East
Quin Andrew Rosdaul
Quin John Keeloges East
Quin Michael Keeloges East
Quin Michael Newtown
Quin Michael Toberroe West
Quin Patrick Kilmacrickard
Quine Thomas Balling
Quirke Edmund Tallavnamraher
Quirke John Tallavnamraher
Quirke Mary Creggs
Quirke Matthias Tallavnamraher
Quirke Michael Boleythomas
Quirke Patrick Creggs
Quirke Patrick Rabbitpark
Quirke jun Patrick Ballynahowna
Quirke sen Patrick Ballynahowna
Raftery Martin Moneen
Raftery Patrick Kilcolumb
Raftery Thaddeus Kilcolumb
Rattican Patrick Rosmoyland
Rattigan James Aghalateeve
Rattigan James Tallavnamraher
Rattigan Patrick Aghalateeve
Rattigan Winifred Aghalateeve
Redington Bridget Aghalateeve
Redington Bridget Ballynahowna
Redington Michael Aghalateeve
Redington Patrick Kilcolumb
Reilly John Rosdaul
Reilly Michael Rosdaul
Reilly Patrick Faartan
Reilly Reps. Patrick Faartan
Reilly Thomas Faartan
Reilly Thomas Rosdaul
Reilly (Glan) Patrick Faartan
Reilly (jobber) Michael Faartan
Richards and others Rev. Solomon Aghalateeve
Richards and others   Rev. Solomon   Corlackan
Roan Patrick Cloonfaghna
Roche Mary Derryhippoo
Rourke Michael Cloonfaghna
Rourke Michael Glinsk
Rourke Patrick Derreen
Rourke Thomas Ballincurry
Rourke jun James Cloonfaghna
Rourke sen James Cloonfaghna
Rowan James Ballincurry
Rowan James Moneen
Rowan John Corlackan
Rowan John Moneen
Rowan Patrick Sonnagh
Rowan jun John Ballincurry
Rowan sen John Ballincurry
Rush Patrick Derreen
Ryan Andrew Balling
Ryan Andrew Toberroe East
Ryan Bryan Balling
Ryan Hugh Coolroghan
Ryan Hugh Derryhippoo
Ryan John Creggs
Ryan John Garraun North
Ryan Michael Moat
Ryan Michael Toberroe East
Ryan Thomas Garraun North
Ryan Thomas Garraun South
Ryan William Park
Ryan jun Patrick Funshin
Ryan jun Thomas Garraun North
Ryan sen Patrick Funshin

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