Creggs Parish Vital Records

All births, marriages and deaths occurring since 1864 (and Church of Ireland marriages occurring since April 1845) should be on record in the:

General Register Office
Joyce House
8-11 Lombard Street East
Dublin 2
Ph: +353 1 6354000
Fax: +353 1 6354440

Include name of person, date of birth and mothers and fathers names.
Enclose check for 5.50 Irish punts payable to the Registrar General
Checks are accepted in equivalent dollar values.

For the period before 1864 parish registers provide the only record of most births, marriages and deaths. The earliest records begin in 1836. The original register is with the Parish Priest - Canon Kelly at St. Mary's in Kilbegnet. There is a microfilm copy at the National Library in Dublin. The microfilm contains the following:

Kilbegnet & Dunamon
Baptisms Sept 5, 1836 - Jan 28, 1846
Nov. 2, 1846 - June 22, 1848
March 15, 1849 - Sept 23, 1866
Marriages    Nov 1, 1836 - Sept 20, 1839
Deaths Sept. 14, 1836 - Sept. 20, 1839

Kilbegnet & Glinisk
Baptisms Oct. 7, 1866 - Dec. 26, 1880

Kilbegnet & Ballinakill
Marriages July 6, 1865 - Nov. 1, 1880

You may request a search of the records at the Roscommon Heritage Centre. They should have everything in a computer database. See paragraph below for more info.

Co. Roscommon Heritage and Genealogy Centre
Church Street
Co. Roscommon

For neighboring parishes in Galway:

East Galway Family History Society
Woodford Heritage Centre
Co. Galway

The Irish Ancestral Research Association has recently completed an Irish Heritage Centre Customer Satisfaction Survey. In ratings, Roscommon finished among the lowest, East Galway on the other hand had a 100% favorable rating. Unfortunately Creggs records are at the Roscommon Centre.

The Kilbegnet Ballynakill Historical Society has a collection of old photographs and records at the local heritage centre in Creggs Village.

Parnell Heritage Centre
Creggs, County Galway

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