Daly Clan Archives, June 1998 - June 1999

Jane Daly-King <jmking@pei.sympatico.ca>
Friday, June 25, 1999 at 20:29:27 (PDT)
Am interested in hearing from Daly's with Prince Edward Island, Canada connections especially those from Michigan and British Columbia or anyone from Cork County who has connections to Daniel Daly, the priest who left for American in about 1799. He was the son of Jeremiah I believe. They were originally wool-combers. Daniel was a priest who left the priesthood and married a Loyalist girl named Bessie Williams and they moved to Jordan River, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Karyn <skidrow@powerup.com.au>
Tuesday, June 22, 1999 at 03:43:23 (PDT)
Searching for information on ancestor - Teresa Daly ((eloped)m. Cap George Maddox) Believed to be daughter of Druis Daly of Castle Daly. I am particular interested in any information anyone has to make a link and find further information on this line of my ancestors. I am happy to share info that I have on family line from Teresa & George to present day.

ray <mijita@cnl.com.au>
Sunday, June 20, 1999 at 04:41:14 (PDT)

Pat <plealos1@elp.rr.com>
Monday, June 07, 1999 at 21:29:24 (PDT)
I am looking for the name Dawley.. My ggggrandfather was Henry Dawley, b. July 1786, Dundas, Ontario d. August 1849,Williamsburg, Ontario, m. Margaret Whitteker before 1817 in Canada. Children include: My gggrandfather was George Henry b. 1832, Ira, b. 1824, Catarina, b. 1817, Simon b. 1826, Margaret, b.1828, Caroline, b. 1830, James Nelson Dauley b. 1835. The family eventually moved to Minnesota. I have the family from this point forward would like to go back. Where did they come from? Any help that anyone could give me would be greatfully appreciated. My ggrandmother was Rachel Dawley who married into the Coulter Family of Scotland to Canada to Minnesota.. Thanks

Michael E. Daly <mdaly@unm.edu>
Friday, June 04, 1999 at 19:34:32 (PDT)
Looking at this board reminds me that there are more Lees listed in the telephone books of China than there are people in the U.S.! My father was Edward Leyden Daly. His father was Henry. His mother was Sarah Tower. He had a brother, Frank and a sister, Norene. When he met my mother, Catherine Cleary of Rochester, N.Y., in the late twenties, the family had been living in or near Macedon, New York before breaking up. My mother's provenance is Clearys and Kennedys of the Albion, New York area. Any and all potential leads welcome. Thanks. Mick Daly

Paricia <Trish@edgenet.net>
Friday, June 04, 1999 at 04:41:30 (PDT)
G/Grandparents John Dailey, wife Johanna (McCarthy?)had perhaps 10 or 11 chidren. Emigrated from Cork 1865?, lived in Batavia, NY. Does this info fit anyones puzzle?

trey velasco <tvlasik@aol.com>
Tuesday, June 01, 1999 at 18:14:47 (PDT)
Looking for information on the Dr. Richard R. Daly family of Atlanta, GA. Daly was born in Seneca Falls in 1866 and died in Atlanta on 11-25-1938. He was a medical doctor in the Army Medical Corps during WWI. His parents were Robert C. and Roseltha Randolph Daly of Seneca Falls. Any information is greatly appreciated. I am still hopefull that I can locate information on this ancestor. Thanks!

Annraoi 'o Dalagh (Henry Daly) <dalagh@excite.com>
Monday, May 31, 1999 at 12:50:20 (PDT)
I would be interested in hearing from any of the Daly's - particularly in Scotland - or from others abroad who have Scots connections. Particularly want to communicate with anyone who can e-mail chat me through any tips on tracing my own immediate ancestors back from Scotland to Ireland. Best whishes and firm friendship to all Daly everywhere.

Rick Dawley <Rick_and_Erin@visualcities.com>
Friday, May 28, 1999 at 06:39:11 (PDT)
The farthest back I know about my family history is my Grandfather, Frederick A. Dawley was from Connecticut, USA. I would like to trace my family lineage. I am especialy interested in when my family arrived in the US and when and where the name changed to DAWLEY. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Rick

BARBARA KALUSTIAN <BKarttist@aol.com>
Thursday, May 27, 1999 at 15:01:16 (PDT)
HELP...PLEASE. My g.grandfather was born somewhere in CORK, his name was Thomas F.Daly born in 1860, was married to Catherine Flynn born in 1859.Not sure when they came to Boston Mass. Catherine was born in ROSSCOMMON, They had 12 children but only three survived, Parrick, John,and ? Any help would mean much to me. My Irish names are so common research has been a struggle! DALY,FLYNN,SULLIVAN,AND SCANNELL,would love to hear from someone. Went to IRELAND IN 1992,and am so proud to be part of her people

Eileen Magee <TampaMagee@aol.com>
Tuesday, May 25, 1999 at 11:01:36 (PDT)
Looking for Dalys with roots in CO.MONAGAHAN, Ireland. If we all pooled our info, we all would benefit. I am considering starting a web site for CO. MONAGHAN DALYS, if there is enough interest. Let me know via email if you would like to see this happen. Looking for ancesters of PATRICK DALY b. abt. 1855 Co. Monaghan m. ROSE DOOLEY in Ireland about 1870. A child, JOHN DALY, was also born in Co. Monaghan on June 8, 1875. There was at least one brother, older we think. The family came to NY around 1880. John lost touch with his brother who may be named Patrick. Any information would be helpful. Thanks. Eileen

Erin Dailey <reginarouge@earthlink.net>
Monday, May 24, 1999 at 11:00:16 (PDT)
Searching for descendants of DAILEY and SMITH, first names unknown. Originated from County Cork, circa late 1800's. My grandfather was Henry Dailey. His father was Charlie Dailey. Charlies parents were a Dailey and a Smith. Charlie married Margaret O'Brien whose parents were Honora Liddy and Timothy O'Brien. Plenty is known about Margaret's parents, but little or nothing about the DAILEY+SMITH union. Any info would be greatly appreciated!

Alex Daly <selective@glasgow.globalnet.co.uk>
Friday, May 21, 1999 at 04:27:20 (PDT)
information sought (prior 1811) on Denis Daly (Daley) born County Westmeath 1811. Moved to scotland and married Brigit Meloy (ex. County Derry) in Stirling in 1851.Had children born in Crief,Charles,Mary Ann,Brigit,Margaret,Denis and John,(1854-1869). Charles Daly married Catherine Hastie from Muthill in 1885. one of their sons ,William Hastie Daly emograted to Canada..Information on the Canada side also sought. Alex Daly

Joe Daly <jdal44@ix.netcom.com>
Thursday, May 20, 1999 at 19:42:50 (PDT)
I am looking for information about my G-Grandfather. His name is Patrick Daly b.1860 d.1917. He was married to Anna Martin Daly. They had at least 3 children, Harry 1894-1980, Kate and Mary. Harry lived most of his life in Chicago but used to go to New York to visit relatives. There is also family rumor of other relatives in Ohio. Any help would be appreciated.

Rick Lawrence <rglawrence@yahoo.com>
Tuesday, May 18, 1999 at 14:19:49 (PDT)
I am looking for family members of Gunnery Sergeant Daniel Joseph Daly, USMC, two time Medal of Honor winner for possible interviews, photos etc.

Lalor Burdick <burdick@mediaone.net>
Friday, May 14, 1999 at 12:22:43 (PDT)
Just updating my Feb. 17,1999 entry: Looking for names and dates of children of Thomas Power DALY, of Carown Kelly, Galway, Ireland, who died about 1735. His parents were Denis DALY and Mary POWER and his wife's maiden name was Coleman. I'm still searching my family's Daly link and have uncovered that there were a couple of Thomas Daly Lalors, so there was SOME connection to a Thomas Daly. The first TD Lalor I've found so far was likely born before 1800 near Loughrea. By the way, the family legend about my great-grandfather being raised by his grandfather, Thomas Daly, MP, really gets weak when I read four versions of what my grandmother heard from her father. It was probably a couple of generations earlier and it was almost certainly "in the household of", not "by".

Dan Daly <catdan@flash.net>
Thursday, May 13, 1999 at 21:41:44 (PDT)
Hello Daly`s my name is Dan and in the usa allot of my famely is in utah and has done alott of geneolgy tracing the past are famely will be having a reunion this july 4th 1999 at a lake in utah all daly`s are welcome it is at panguitch lake at a cabin my grand father built most of us have grate knowlage of the daly`s we have traced back to the castle in ireland and might help with your tree all are welcome if you can come to utah it would be worth your while we would love to see you come to camp or get reservations early let me know if you can make it there is usuly good fighing some times grate trout we will be puting in the ground a time capsule to lots of fun plese come aney questions contact me at catdan@flash.net or 1 903 729 8695 hope to see you there!!!!!!

Dan Daly <catdan@flash.net>
Thursday, May 13, 1999 at 20:51:20 (PDT)
Hello daly`s i am in the usa and the clan is having a reunion at panguitch lake on the 4th of july all welcome most of us are mormen in religion and have extincive famely history we may be able to help come if you can if not email me at catdan@flash.net

Marie Daly <tommarie@interlog.com>
Wednesday, May 12, 1999 at 13:28:24 (PDT)
Looking for descendants of John Bernard Daly born in Albion Peel Co. ON, May 29, 1800, and brother Francis Albert Daly, born in Albion Peel Co. ON.Canada, born January 11, 1883.John and Francis Daly were the sons of John Daly and Margaret Hislen, They had a sister named Mary Bernadette Daly who married Michael Joseph McGovern, and a brother named Patrick Hugh Daly.These brothers may have moved to western Canada, or to California, or maybe someother part of the US. Hope to hear from someone. Marie

robert joseph daly jr. <>
Tuesday, May 11, 1999 at 23:10:53 (PDT)
Hi to all the Dalys no matter how it's spelled.just starting research but looking for any info on Daniel Daly,married to Ann Ellen Williams of Wales.Came to America under some duress I understand.Supposedly the British cared to speak to him about a professed interest in a strictly benign orginization known as the IRA.I was told he was from Co. Cork.He settled in Milwaukee,Wi.The family consisted of sons,William,James,Griffith,Thomas,John,Daniel,Robert,and Arthur,and daughters Nora and Kathleen.I'm told John Daly of TV fame was his cousin,but as of yet I have not research this item.Thanks for any help you may be able to give,Bob.

RORY DALY <rdaly10@scu.edu.au>
Monday, May 10, 1999 at 21:00:55 (PDT)
I was just curious to find out any history. My father Robert Daly was born in Claheen Or clonmel in 1952 and is the youngest of five children(paudie,estelle,barbra, rita) I am a final year compositon major at southern cross university, so any music related info would be great.

Donna Daley Brown <browndm@massed.net>
Monday, May 10, 1999 at 05:28:53 (PDT)
Greetings to all the other Daley's. I have very little information on my dad's family, but maybe what I do know will jog someone's memory. My father, JAMES LEO DALEY, was born in Schenectady, New York, August 15, 1909. He had three brothers, JOHN HENRY(?)DALEY, WILLIAM THOMAS DALEY (b. Hoosick Falls, NY, 1905) and WALTER DALEY. His mother was MARY A. MCALLEN, possibly of Eagle Bridge, New York. His grandPARENTS were WILLIAM THOMAS DALEY (b. NY) and, possibly MARCELLA HIPWELL. Family lore has his great-grandfather, THOMAS DAL(E)Y emigrating from Ireland and serttling in the Troy area c1850-60, although it might have been earlier. Supposedly, he and his brothers (John and James?) were involved in an "incident" with the British and left Ireland under a cloud. Thomas came to the US; family lore has the other two heading for Australia and So. Africa. Does any of this sound familiar to anyone? Thank you, Donna

Tracey Daly <hommee@gateway.net>
Friday, May 07, 1999 at 11:05:42 (PDT)
I am serching for a James Daly, born about 1846, in either Belfast, Dublin, or maybe even Cork, Ierland. He left for, Middlesex, England before 1877. There he married, Sarah Bridget Crane-Swanson, or Swainson. Sarah was born about, 1853, in the Middlesex, England area. Oral family history has it, that Sarah was of Royal English blood, but when she married, (certin family members), did not approve of the union, and took away her title and inheritance, and was given to another releative, (cousin)? Sarah would have been Duchess of Conner or something like that. And there's also a story that James had to Leave Ireland in a hury because it wasn't safe for him to be there anymore. James and Sarah, had 4 children in England, Harold, born about 1877, Denis, born 3 AUG 1878, Middlesex, England, Rose A. (A-possibly Alice)born about 1880, Ellen born about 1882. They came into New York about 1883, and in that same year, went to, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. There they had 4 more children, Ethel, born about 1883, James , born about 1885, John, born about 1888, and Olive, born about 1890. The family then, moved to, Utica, NY. after 1891, then they moved to Paris NY. where they stayed for at least 20 years, or more. In New York, they had 5 more children, Squire, Harry, Charles, Mike, and a daughter, (name unknown), but her and one of the boys, (possibly Harold), became a Nun and a Priest, and served in a church in the Seattle, Wasington area. If anyone can shed any light on these family ancestors, (exspecially, James and Sarah), or the strange oral histories sound familar, pleas e-mail me asap!

Edward Daly <Edward.Daly @ Analog .com>
Thursday, May 06, 1999 at 08:06:12 (PDT)
" Nil aon thinteain mar da thinteain fein", having a worthy heritage to support our name, I was wondering if the Daly's worldwide have a clan gathering to celebrate our common history / heritage. I am trying to gather information about my own links, so I'm calling all Daly's in Ireland who may have links in the Limerick / Clare region. Other family names in my families recent history are O'Carroll Greene, Nash. Thanks, Eddie.

Edward Daly <Edward.Daly@Analog.com>
Thursday, May 06, 1999 at 03:21:56 (PDT)
"Nil aon thinteain mar da thinteain fein"We have a proud tradition of being bards and influential people, even though I'm 100% irish, I have little knowledge of this great family's history. My roots are entirely EAST LIMERICK, and now I'm trying to trace them back further. I can go back about 3 generations but looking at the present crop of relations, I realise that our history is much richer. I have links to Abbeyfeale / Rathkeale and in Co.Clare,I think we should have some kind of a clan gathering or maybe these gatherings already exist.

Tracey Daly <hommee@gateway.net>
Wednesday, May 05, 1999 at 11:24:17 (PDT)
ATTENTION TO ALL DALY'S, I too, claim the dustinguish right to be part of the Caln Daly. I have found some web sites that might be of interest to all Daly's everywere! http://www.iol.ie/irishworld/ http://www.ireland.org/irl_hist/hist35.htm http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/Clive_Smith http://www.rootsweb.com/~irish/admin/forsale.htm http://www.greenbook.ie/hotel12htm This site have been very interesting and enlightening to me. I hope you all enjoy them as much as I have.

Cyril J. Daly <dalyc@zumtobelstaff.co.at>
Monday, May 03, 1999 at 08:06:21 (PDT)
Does anyone have an idea where I could procure a copy of ''History of the O'Daly's, The Story of the Ancient Irish Sept,The Race of Dalach of Corca Adaimh'' by Edmund Emmett O'Daly, (Chicago 1932)? I would appreciate any information

Laurie Baker <lbaker@ee.net>
Saturday, May 01, 1999 at 16:51:33 (PDT)
Looking for any Daly/O'Dalaigh info from Co Dublin, up to the famine, particularly from Dun Laoghaire area. My g-g-grandfather, John Harley Daly, b. 24 June 1828, came to "Upper Canada", aka Welland Canal, Ontario, Canada abt 1854, came to Marion Co, Ohio, USA after 1863. John married Catherine Bourk, b 12 May 1836 (dau of Thomas Bourk and Bridget Hogan/Hagan). John had children, Julia, Bridget, John Harley II (my line), James, possably others.

Judy Wendt <judywendt@aol.com>
Wednesday, April 28, 1999 at 14:19:04 (PDT)
I am a newcomer to the group as I just learned my gggrandmother was probably Elizabeth Daly from Abbeyfaele, Co. LIMERICK. She married Denis Sheehan in 1835 there & they had at least 4 children, John b. 1828 (my direct ancestor), Helen b. 1839, Anne b. 1841, Mary b. 1844, William 1847 (all Irish born). Elizabeth apparently had a brother who died prior to 1875 in the U.S. leaving his widow, Honora & at least two children, John b. c. 1858 in PA, Mary born c. 1853 in Ireland. By 1875 Honora & children were living in Hunterdon Co., NJ. I would be delighted to hear from anyone who might have knowledge of this family. Thanks in advance!

Daniel Daly <ddaly@massed.net>
Saturday, April 24, 1999 at 10:42:20 (PDT)
Looking for information on Daly's from County Armagh. G.G. grandfather, Daniel was born in 1825 to Michael Daly and Catherine (McShane)Daly. Daniel left Ireland in 1842 and eventually settled in Hingam, Ma. USA. I would like to know more about where in County Armagh the Daly's lived and if any other family members emigrated as well.

Edwin Ivan Daly (Junior) <dalys@picknowl.com.au>
Friday, April 23, 1999 at 00:15:58 (PDT)
My family is originally from England. My grandfather was named either Francis Herbert Daly or Edward Francis Daly, he married Ethel May Cranham sometimes around 1900 to 1910. they had several children, not all survived, two girls who were known as Tisey and Dixie and a boy known as Paddy (real name Edwin Ivan, like me. He, of course, is my father). There was a family story that my g'dad's name was originally Spencer (as in Princess Diana) which was around years before the marriage. Dad says they lived in Surrey, England before moving into London. I have little else to go on except that my grandmother died when my father was very small and my grandfather died in about 1931/33. Happy to hear from anyone Daly's who are left in England although what I've seen on the Net suggests they all moved to America or Australia. Regards to anyone who may be a relative. Edwin Daly

Daniel Daly <DPD2113@hotmail.com>
Tuesday, April 20, 1999 at 20:57:58 (PDT)
Hello fellow Daly's!I am looking for more information on our family in Abbey Faile, County of limerick.My grandparents names were Cornelius & Sarah(Guidera).Any information would be greatly appreciated!Thank you.

Mary Kay Wray <mwray88002@aol.com>
Tuesday, April 20, 1999 at 17:20:16 (PDT)
DAILEY, John Charles--lived in Sargents CO in 1880's-?? This gentleman was my great grandfather. Not much is known about him. He was married to Bibiana Philomena Aaron Sampson (originally from Penn.) and was the father of Luke A (b.1887), Catherine (b. ?), and Grace (b. 1896). Don't have any info as to where Daileys were married. Don't know where he went after Grace was born. Also, don't have any ideas on his parents names, birthplace, date, etc. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

Kathleen Daly <kd0972@aol.com>
Saturday, April 17, 1999 at 06:14:19 (PDT)
Would like information on Daniel Daly (Daily) born in Ireland in 1815 and emmigrating to Connecticut. Any information on where in Ireland he came from would be appreciated. We know he was a farmer, and married Catherine Murphy, daughter of Edward and Mary Murphy, both of Ireland. They had two children, Ellen and Hannah, possibly also born in Ireland (1845 and 1847). Also had other children, Michael, born 1851 and Daniel, born 1854, both in the US. Daniel Daly, the father, died in 1873 in Baltic, Sprague, New London County, Connecticut. Thank you for any information.

Jason Terry <jterry@gte.net>
Sunday, April 11, 1999 at 17:21:51 (PDT)
hello, i'm trying to find a friend of mine from highschool.. probably a long shot asking here, but I guess it's worth a shot, i'm looking for somone named, Martin Daly.. when I knew him he lived in small town called, North Plains, in Oregon.. if anyone has any information on him, i'd appriciate it..

Karen Harrison <kharrison@smrh.com>
Tuesday, April 06, 1999 at 14:58:57 (PDT)
Looking for any information about my gr-gr-grandfather Charles Daly. Born in Ireland. He was the City Clerk in Toronto, Ontario for 29 years. Died approx. 1864. Married twice (wife's names unknown), only child I know of is my gr-grandmother Annie Daly, born approx. 1841. Thanks for any help.

Thomas Gerard Daly <tdaly@cwix.com>
Friday, April 02, 1999 at 13:41:26 (PST)
I am looking for connections to my great grandfather, James Daily. As my grandfather was named Patrick Daly, and came from Monaghan, the spelling is suspect. The story is that my g,grandfather emigrated to the United States (Where the spelling of his name may have been changed by immigration), married, had children and settled in the Buffalo, NY area before returning to Ireland. There he married Roseanna Prunty and had children: John, James, Annie, Mary, and Patrick. His date of death is unknown. The only dates and places we have are my grandfather's birth and marriage: B December 23,1884, M August 18, 1911. If anyone has another piece of the puzzle, we could sure use it!

Erin Daley <edaley@rhf.bradley.edu>
Tuesday, March 30, 1999 at 09:57:15 (PST)
I am doing research for a college paper about the meaning of my surname: Daley. I am interested in any knowledge of Daley and it's meaning. This web page helped a lot...but if anyone has any additional information please send me an e-mail. THANKS!

Tracey Daly <hommee@gateway.net>
Tuesday, March 30, 1999 at 00:00:05 (PST)
Serching for information on James Daly and wife, Sarah Bridge Crane-Swanson. James was from, Belfast,Ireland, and Sarah was from, Middlesex,England. They came to the, Utica, New York area around, 1878 to 1898. They had 10 children, Mike, James, Denis,Alice, Ellen, Olive, Harry, Squire, Ethel, and Charles. Anyone who has more detailed information on these people and thier connected families, (especially on James and Sarah), would be greatly appriciated. Thank You.

Ronda R. Rowlett <rrowlett@hhs.swsc.k12.ar.us>
Thursday, March 25, 1999 at 09:46:57 (PST)
I am searching for my grandmother's line. Her name is Agness Estelle Daley she was born in Arkansas, her father was Robert Daley, and his father was Andrew Daley. I have ran into a brick wall with Andrew Daley, any one with any connection to Arkansas Daley's please contact me. Thank you.

Patrick W. Daly <dalyscasa@aol.com>
Wednesday, March 24, 1999 at 22:53:55 (PST)
Looking for any information about my GGrandfather PATRICK DALY. Had four children, James, Monie, ??? and Thomas Paul [my grandfather]. PATRICK DALY was said to be the youngest person to pass the Bar Exam for the state of Conneticut at the age of 18 y/o. Had to wait until age of 21 to become a member of the Bar of the state of Conneticut. Went into politics around Hartford Conn., 1890-1900s. Moved to Chicago. In the 1920-1930, he moved to California, to live close to his son, Thomas Paul, and passed away studying to take the California Bar Exam in the 1920s. His son Thomas Paul had two children Virginia (b. 1915, d. 1997) and Thomas Paul Jr. (b. 1917). If you have any information please contact me. Thanks

Rachel Falknor <falknor@wesnet.com>
Tuesday, March 23, 1999 at 17:52:23 (PST)
I think I am related to you. My grandma, Helen Henrikson, told me our family ancestors owned a castle 20 miles from Dublin. When I am old enough I would be interested to purchase it. My grandma also showed me an article in the news paper for you wishing to sell it. IF ANY OF YOU KNOW YOU ARE RELATED TO ANY FALKNOR'S PLEASE EMAIL ME

Theresa Buchanan nee Daley <bdgehan@tcc.on.ca>
Monday, March 22, 1999 at 19:21:09 (PST)
I am looking for information on a Patrick Daley who's parents were Bryant and Bridgett who settled in Belledune New Brunswick, Canada in the late 1800's.

Katherine Daly <kbdaly@olemiss.edu>
Sunday, March 21, 1999 at 17:02:45 (PST)
I am looking for a family tree on the Daly's. My grandfather was Douglas Jerome Daly of Galveston, Texas who married my grandmother Agnes Ellen Schwarzbach, also of Galveston. If anyone has any information, please let me know!

Robyn O'Sullivan <munster@ihug.co.nz>
Saturday, March 20, 1999 at 02:24:55 (PST)
I am Seeking any info' on my grandfather -Kendred Martin Joseph Daley-usually known as Martin.He was born on 4th August,1887 in,so far,three different places.His marriage cert. says he was born in Ballinasloe in Ireland,his N.Z.army records say he was born in sunderland Co.Durham in England yet he told my grand mother he was born in the Arran Islands and moved to Galway as a child.His father was Patrick Daley and his mother was Margaret Conlon.He may have had some siblings-John,Kate and Patrick,maybe more.He was in New Zealand by 1914 but I want to find out what happened in those intervening years.Can anybody help me?I would love to hear from some Daleys.

James Paul (Rusty) Ritter <rustyrit@aol.com>
Thursday, March 18, 1999 at 23:35:24 (PST)
Greetings to All the Daileys, My G. Great Grandfather, I believe was from the County of Cork. George Dailey and June (Young) Dailey were both born in Ireland. They settled in Akron Ohio (Summit County) before the year 1850, and had 5 children. The 1870 Ohio Census of the US, shows that George was 58 years old in 1870 and Jane was 37 years old. Thomas John Dailey was their oldest child, born in 1855, followed by Kate, Nelly, Willie, and little George. They were Catholic. George was a Day Laborer, and Jane was a House Keeper. Thats about it, other than Thomas played some instrument (I believe a horn of some kind) in the Barberton, Ohio City Band. Thomas Dailey married Elizabeth (Bous Dailey) and had three girls and one boy. Maggie, Bessie, Ruthie, and Thomas Jr. (I believe Thomas Jr. had a physical handicap). They all were born in the second Ward in Akron, Ohio and later moved to Barbetrton, Ohio Thank you again, Good luck and God Bless to all. Sincerely, James Paul (Rusty) Ritter.

Wednesday, March 17, 1999 at 14:49:45 (PST)

Ruth Hartley <Ruthgen@aol.com>
Wednesday, March 17, 1999 at 13:31:47 (PST)
My great grandfather was James William Daley, or maybe Daly. The 1900 US census report, Lock Haven, Clinton Co, PA states he was born in April 1847 in Canada and emigrated to the US in 1849 - probably with his parents? My mother remembered him talking about living among French Canadians and my brother thinks the family lived somewhere around Kingston, Ontario. Legend has it that he was a drummer boy during the Civil War, enlisting when 14 yrs old. In the 1890 Special Schedules of Union Veterans & Vets Widows of Civil War, Clinton Co, PA he is listed as having been a Pvt, Co I, 69th NY Vol, enl Nov 1861, disch Apr 1865. An inquiry made to the National Archives and Records Administration, Wash, DC in 1993 stated they were unable to locate the file. Any information would be appreciated.

Karen Weaver <kwe1069451@aol.com>
Monday, March 08, 1999 at 17:24:22 (PST)
Looking for any more Daly's from North Clare, Ireland. There is a whole bunch of Daly connections from Burrin Co.Clare, New Quay/Finavara area in NY. We are getting ready to work on a family history this summer and would appreciate hearing from anyone possible connected to this ancient branch of Daly's. The O'Dalaigh Bardic School ruins are located on the homestead dating back to the early 15 th century and earlier. This site is pictured in Emmett O'Daly's book on the Daly clan.....Happy St patrick's Day to all.

Beverly Buck <buckfam@thegrid.net>
Sunday, February 28, 1999 at 14:49:06 (PST)
Additions to my listings.MY GGGrandfather was James DALY m Hannah Collins. Location unknown. Children all born in Montreal were:James m Mary Boath Nov 13, 1877John m Emma Clermont Nov 21,1881Martin Alfred M Bridget Rochford Oct 23, 1883Hannah m Nicholas Power Sept 12, 1886Emily m George Burt July 15, 1890Mary m George Rogers June 10, 1889Children of Martin Alfred and Bridget Rochford DALYRobert Stephen b 1884 m Amelia Frances Stock 1904Martin Alfred b Jan 8, 1886 m Teresa Shaw Aug 24, 1909John ?James m HelenaMargarite m unknown Duphore

Kevin Francis Bendzlowicz <Bendzy1@aol.com>
Saturday, February 27, 1999 at 15:45:32 (PST)
I was just told that I am a DALY.I'm looking for information on my grandfather MARTIN WILLIAM DALY. Was in New York City area around late 1800's early 1900's. was killed about late 1925 early 1926.

Alfred Charles Carpenter <Vistabd@aol.com>
Sunday, February 21, 1999 at 08:55:11 (PST)
Looking for Dorothy DAILEY. She was born around 1919 or 1929. She married Alfred Corolous Carpenter and had two sons. She divorced in Hutchinson, Kansas on Jan. 20, 1946 and sometime there after remarried. I know that one child was born in Reno, CA. Plus the names Taylor and Buchaman are somehow connected. I would appreciate any help.

Lalor Burdick <burdick@mediaone.net>
Wednesday, February 17, 1999 at 15:12:28 (PST)
Just started some serious research on my family and stumbled across this site.Family lore has it that my great-great-grandfather, Francis Lalor (b.1831 in Galway), was raised by his maternal grandfather, Thomas Daly, Member of Parliament for Galway for 33 years, who came from Loughrea. Francis Lalor became County Surveyor of Galway, as had been at least one of his forebears.Francis' son, John Edward Lalor and his brothers came to Canada in the mid-1800s. Two of John Edward's sons, Willard Ambrose Lalor (b.1865 in Chicago) and John Charles Lalor (b.1867) were in various businesses together in Montana and at various times managed other businesses of a Marcus Daly. Whether Marcus was a descendent of Thomas, who knows?So much for the legend.Now, go to http://www.wombat.ie/galwayguide/history/hardiman/ and you'll find a fantastic history of Galway written in about 1820 and dedicated to ...ta-daa... James Daly, Member of Parliament for Galway. James was a son of Denis Daly, who was a son of James Daly, Esq. and, according to Mr. Hardiman, they were all great guys (guess who was paying for the history?). However, unless James Daly, MP was succeeded by a Thomas Daly as MP, our family story has a large problem.I would like to follow up with the folks at http://www.wombat.ie/galwayguide about Francis, the supposed Surveyor and about James, the supposed Member, but don't want to step on any serious genealogist's toes, so let me know if anyone's going to bother them, too. Most Dalys seem to have come from Cork, so it shouldn't be a big deal, but who knows...- Lalor Burdick

Gary D. Smith <rfb@usa.net>
Sunday, February 14, 1999 at 09:39:38 (PST)
Searching for information on the descendants/ancestry of PATRICK DALY AND HIS WIFE ELLEN BEST. Both were born in Ireland and emigrated to Milltown, New Brunswick about between 1848-1856. Patrick, whose naturalization papers give Galway as his place of birth in 1825, had a brother Michael and a sister Bridget, who both remained in Milltown NB.th remained in Milltown, NB. Patrick was a blacksmith and moved across the river to Milltown/Calais, ME in 1856. Patrick and Ellen, born abt 1833, had the following children: John, born 1854/5 in NB; Mary b 1856 in Me and married an Eagen; James, b 1858 in ME. Michael, b 1859 in Maine and married Annie Corbett and remained in Milltown/Calais, ME; Elizabeth, b 1861, married Sam Woodwide. James and John went "West" in the lathe 1870's or early 1880's. They may have gone to Minnesota or California. Patrick died in 1881 and Ellen in 1910; both are buried in Milltown, NB. Any information on Patrick and Ellen or on James and John would be appreciated.

B. Rutledge <bbrut@ttlc.net>
Saturday, February 13, 1999 at 04:49:24 (PST)
DALY, Patrick: I am looking for the birthplace in Ireland of Patrick Daly born 1799 and died March 1875 in Canada. His wife was Mary (Surname unknown; born 1801 in Ireland; died 1851-1861). They settled in Richmond Corner, Carleton County, New Brunswick, Canada c 1820-25 and had William, James, Elizabeth, Catherine, Mary Ann, Margaret Jane, and Ellen.

K Limon <Klimon@panamacity.com>
Friday, February 12, 1999 at 14:21:22 (PST)
Looking for information on an Elgin J. Daily (Daley) and Edwin Clifford Daily (Daley). Elgin married a Charlotte Scott from Vermont. Edwin was his son and married Sadie M. Nicely. From another member of my family, I found out they had lived in PA. then moved onto Kansas before settling for a time in Butte, Montana. Thats about all I have and I haven't been able to trace them anywhere outside of the family. Anyone have other info? If so, please get in touch!!! Thanks!

Brian Dail <rubicon@rapidcity.com>
Friday, February 12, 1999 at 10:25:35 (PST)
Looking for information/direction regarding the name Dail. The variation, to the extent I've found todate, does not appear in the irishrecords. The greatest number of Dail surnames are listed in North Carolina. Any help or direction would be most appreciated.

Martin Daly <marcris@sundial.net>
Sunday, February 07, 1999 at 10:11:38 (PST)
Does anyone have a Harold DALY in their family? I have a picture of my father taken somewhere around Buffalo NY about 1915 with his cousins Stephen and Harold. I know who Stephan was, but have found no trace of a Harold DALY anyplace. My father was born in 1891, so Harold would be about the same age. I haven't found any trace of my grandfather's brother Patrick either. I have a picture of him taken with my grandfather in Chicago about 1915.

Barb Daly <bdaly@pacificcoast.net>
Thursday, February 04, 1999 at 21:03:34 (PST)
I am just starting to look up family geneology,starting with my husband's grandfather. Does anyone has any information about this branch of the DALY clan? His name was JAMES ARTHUR DALY (sometimes called Albert)died on October 17, 1923 in Victoria, B.C. Canada. He was born, (1865?) in Bathurst, New Brunswick, Canada, and had a brother Frank Daly in Vancouver, B.C., and three brothers and a sister in Eastern Canada. On December 24, 1891 he married AMY LITTLE who was from Friday Harbour, San Juan Islands, Washington State, U.S.A. She died on May 10, 1940 at the age of 66 years (born in 1874?). Any further info would be helpful.

Sean Collins <wings@telusplanet.net>
Sunday, January 31, 1999 at 07:12:23 (PST)
I am looking for any Dalys that moved to Newfoundland,Canada around 1750 to 1850 especially Dennis Daly (Cappoquin) who was married to Mary Flynn (Passage)

Rosemary Dailey <rhdailey@pipeline.com>
Saturday, January 30, 1999 at 18:27:49 (PST)
Anyone have the christian name,Rezin (reason) Dailey in their family tree?? Looking for an Ireland connection. Rezin Dailey born in MAryland and lived in Virgina in 1800"s.

Trish Champion <champ1@frontiernet.net>
Wednesday, January 27, 1999 at 12:31:15 (PST)
ALL DALY's. Looking for any relations to a Richard R. Daly of MA, b appx 1885, m:Nellie Johnson in MD, resided in Baltimore, MD, had 1 son named Richard E. Daly (b.1919). This family was black. Any info is greatly appreciated!

Mark Daly <msdaly@bellsouth.net>
Thursday, January 21, 1999 at 19:22:37 (PST)
i am looking for any clan art other than the family shield. i already have a tatoo of the Daly Shield.

James Dailey <hey_little_girl@hotmail.com>
Sunday, January 17, 1999 at 20:39:29 (PST)
my name is james scott dailey,and i'm looking for any information pertaining to my family tree.the farthest i can currently piece together is my grandfathers name was GEORGE OLIVER DAILEY he met my grandmother while he was in the circus(he had a chimp that stole cigars from his pocket and smoked them)my grandmothers name was MARY KATHREN.both are now deceased (around 1985)they had 5 children,DAN,BOB,TOM,GERRY,and PATTI they lived in lake station,IN

Brian Patrick DALY
Thursday, January 14, 1999 at 04:20:49 (PST)
I am still looking for info. on my grandfather born in Killmoroun,Ennis Co. Clare on 02.01.1858.His father was John Dalywho married Margaret Kinnane.Michael came to this great land of AUSTRALIA approx.1880-1885.

Kathleen Salter <Heyjude917@aol.com>
Thursday, January 07, 1999 at 00:19:28 (PST)
Looking for the parents of Edward Daly. Married Wilamena Hessel and had a daughter Florence Katherine Daly who married a pitcher for the St. Louis Browns, Ernie Koob (played 1915-1919). I don't have many dates but I believe they originate from Wisconsin, Missouri and/or Minnesota. Just getting started....Kathleen Salter

Elizabeth Dillon <Heroine6@aol.com>
Sunday, January 03, 1999 at 21:11:38 (PST)
Hello! My boyfriend's last name is Daly.. we're in Michigan. Wondering if anyone has any info on MI Daly connections? Thanks :)

jeff danner <mfan61@aol.com>
Monday, December 28, 1998 at 21:58:42 (PST)
am looking for in for info on Francis and Mary Daley of early 1800 ireland who had a son John Gordon Daley who came to Wisconsin USA via Ireland and Canada. John was born in ???? Ireland in 1829 and died in 1902 in Madison Wisconsin. John married a Catherine Loftus and they had at least one son Thomas William Daily.

Gerry Daly <daly@uscom.com>
Monday, December 28, 1998 at 08:24:33 (PST)
Greetings to all you good Dalys out there in cyberspace. Just got back from a 10 day trip to Ireland and had a "grand" time. My son is studying at Trinity College in Dublin for 1 year. Looking for any relatives. My great-grandfather was Owen Daly who married Rose Kelly. He was a schoolmaster in Carrickmore, County Tyrone, near Omagh. My grandfather was Joseph Daly who was born around 1873, and emigrated to America around the turn of the century. He has a brother James and a sister Bea. Joe Daly was a cop in Philadelphia for about 40 years, and died in 1960. Joe has 4 boys: Joe, Eugene, Jack and Leonard. He also had two daughters: Lucy and Rose. My grandfather Joe Daly married Ellen Duffy.

ray <mijita@cnl.com.au>
Sunday, December 27, 1998 at 21:09:07 (PST)
looking for connections to patrick daley married margaret cotter carrigtohill county cork ireland came to australia around 1870s had daughter catherine my grandmother and son daniel and others

Jane Daly King <jmking@pei.sympatico.ca>
Thursday, December 24, 1998 at 13:46:57 (PST)
Merry Christmas and a safe and happy holiday season to all Daly's, Daley's or Dailey's whereever you are

Dianne Luman <ntrnotes@ptw.com>
Tuesday, December 22, 1998 at 19:05:46 (PST)
I'm looking for information on a Daily(Dailey, Daly, Daley)whomarried a Martha J. Grimes probably somewhere in Illinois. This marriage probably happened between 1865-1868. I found her and their children, Sarah(Sallie)b. 1868 in Ill., and William b. 1870 in Ill.,staying at Martha's brothers(John B. Grimes) in the 1880 Gallatin County Illinois Census, in the township of Equality. No mention of the husband, but it lists her as married. In Martha's obituary noticewritten in 1936, it mentions her husband passing away 46 years before.This would mean he probably died around 1894. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Martin Daly <marcris@sundial.net>
Monday, December 21, 1998 at 18:15:58 (PST)
I just returned from a Carribean cruise where I found the Daley name is quite common in Jamaica along with some other Irish names. Many don't know about the Irish slaves that were sent to the islands a couple hundred years ago by the British. The result is many black island people with true Irish heritage.

Dennis Daly <ddaly22@hotmail.com>
Sunday, December 20, 1998 at 12:32:10 (PST)
I am curious about Bjorn Daleigh, the Norwegian Olymimpic Cross-Country Ski Champion. Given the similarity of his name to Daly and the Viking influence on Ireland, I wonder if the Daly's were originally Vikings.Is Bjorn Daleigh descended from transplanted Irishmen or is he a suggestion that WE may not be as Irish as we thought we were.Dennis Daly

Thomas Daley <daleyfam@execpc.com>
Thursday, December 17, 1998 at 16:00:02 (PST)
I am trying to find decendants of Richard Daley born Nov 10,1855in Chelsea Quebec Canada and Bridget McCloskey. Richards parents wereRichard Daley and Mary Walsh. They had 12 children.(1) Catherine (2) Margaret (3) Rose(4) Mary Ellen b1876 (5) Richard Martin b1880 (6) Patrick b1881(7) Michael b1883 (8) James b 1887 (9) David b 1889(10)Henry b 1892 (11)Lawrence b1894 (12)Lester b 1896)They left the Chelsea Quebec Canada area and possibly settled inCalifornia. If you can help me with any information on the decendants of Richard Daley it would be greatly appriciated.

Thomas Daley <daleyfam@execpc.com>
Thursday, December 17, 1998 at 15:53:26 (PST)
I am trying to find decendants of Richard Daley born Nov 10,1855in Chelsea Quebec Canada and Bridget McCloskey. Richards parents wereRichard Daley and Mary Walsh. They had 12 children.(1) Catherine (2) Margaret (3) Rose(4) Mary Ellen b1876 (5) Richard Martin b1880 (6) Patrick b1881(7) Michael b1883 (8) James b 1887 (9) David b 1889(10)Henry b 1892 (11)Lawrence b1894 (12)Lester b 1896)They left the Chelsea Quebec Canada area and possibly settled inCalifornia. If you can help me with any information on the decendants of Richard Daley it would be greatly appriciated.

Tim Daly <tim@strandnet.com>
Tuesday, December 15, 1998 at 20:41:15 (PST)
I am sorry to report that messages sent to this board from Sept. - Dec.'98 have been lost for the time being. I do not know what caused theproblem but will try to find the lost files. In the mean time please repost yourmessages. Thank you.

Trey Velasco <Trey@dallas.grupo4.com>
Thursday, September 03, 1998 at 09:22:58 (PDT)
Looking for information on the Dr. Richard R. Daly family of Atlanta, GA. Daly was born in Seneca Falls in 1866 and died in Atlanta on 11-25-1938. He was a medical doctor in the Army Medical Corps. His parents were Robert C. and Roseltha Randolph Daly of Seneca Falls. Any information is greatly appreciated.

Martin Daly <marcris@sundial.net>
Tuesday, September 01, 1998 at 04:45:04 (PDT)
I noticed the same thing when the 1994 Winter Olympics featured Norwegian downhill skier, Bjorn Daehlie (pronounced Daly). While Bjorn doesn't look much like me or my father, he's a ringer for my cousin. My wife doesn't agree with me, but she never met my cousin. It is well known that the Gaelic Irish & the Norse spent several hundred years invading & marrying each other. Is Daly a Nordic name or is Daehlie an Irish name?

Raymond Robert Dailey <src dailey @ aol.com>
Monday, August 31, 1998 at 08:10:57 (PDT)
I noted that Sylvester Daly of Co. Cork had a grandson who eventually settled or was born in Birmingham, AL. My father, William Watson Dailey, and his father William Percival were both from Birmingham. I think William Percival's father was Henry (maybe William Henry). What is the connection (if any?) Also I note that the Irish/Norse connection is a strong one in Daly history yet I see no mention of the Dailey's( obviously not the correct spelling) of Norway- the Olympic ski champion for example. Can someone explain this to me? Thanks for any and all assistance.

Marie Daly <Marjak10@aol.com>
Thursday, August 27, 1998 at 18:27:37 (PDT)
Seek info re family or descendants of Jeremiah DALY, b. 30 July 1829 Bandon Co. Cork, son of Jeremiah DALY and Margaret O'BRIEN. He emigrated to Belmont, MA in 1850, and married Julia QUIGLEY 27 Mar 1853. He owned land in Belmont, MA, but sold all lots by 1865, and the family disappears from Mass. Children all born in Belmont, MA: Dennis, b. 1854; William S., b. 1856; Margaret, b. 1858; Jeremiah, b. 1860; Anna, b. 1862; and Mary, b. 1865. The family may have moved west, or back to Ireland, or even to Australia.

Beverly Buck <buckfam@thegrid.net>
Thursday, August 27, 1998 at 11:12:21 (PDT)
I need to add to my inquirey regarding the Martin A. Daly family from Montreal. I would like any historical information prior to my immediate family. I have nothing more at this time.

Beverly Buck <buckfam@thegrid.net>
Thursday, August 27, 1998 at 11:06:21 (PDT)
I am looking for any family connected to Martin A. Daly died in Montreal, Que., Canada on 12-26-1933. He was the father of my grandfather Martin Alfred Daly 1-3-1885?/4-24-1955 who worked for Martin Senor Paints in Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal. There was also a brother to my grandfather possibly named John who lived in Toronto and another named James who worked for Martin Senor in Montreal, he was a chemist. My grandfather was married to Teresa Shaw. My mother was Muriel born 3-29-1912, her brothers were Kenneth and Stanley.

Joan Daly <iggyswife@webtv.net>
Wednesday, August 26, 1998 at 01:02:48 (PDT)
Looking for any information about Patick Daly bornin in Feens,Causeway,Kery, Ireland married Minnie Ahern of Moynsha, Duaeh Parish, Kerry. Minnie was born about 1885. They moved to San Francisco, Ca. USA and had six children, Vincent, Tom, Frances, John, Annette and Eileen. Not really sure on the spelling of some of the places but hope someone can be helpful. Would certainly appreciate any information. Thanks, Joan & John Daly

Maureen Daley <maureen@jnpcs.com>
Saturday, August 22, 1998 at 12:29:47 (PDT)
Seeking info of origin of branch of Daly clan which settled in New Haven County Connecticut in the 1870s. James Daly (d. 4/5/1895 at age 100!) brought over his wife Bridget and their children Joseph, Keron, and ? They arrived here with members of a family named Havens (Bernard and Catherine, and their 3 children). I believe they came from Meath or Westmeath.

John Nuttall <jnuttall@dol.net>
Wednesday, August 19, 1998 at 14:32:25 (PDT)
My Great Grandmother was Mary Daly, the daughter of John Daly. She was born in 1850 possibly in Streamstown, Co. Westmeath, Ireland. She married Michael Dillon. He was born in Castletown/Geo. Co. Westmeath. They had twelve children in Streamstown, Westmeath. Mary died in Streamstown in 1900. Does anyone know if Mary had any brothers and sisters and who her Mother was? If you do please email me at jnuttall@dol.net or jnuttall@ equal.net. Thank You.

Jenelle Frances Catherine Cleary <jcleary@parks.vic.gov.au>
Monday, August 17, 1998 at 01:41:37 (PDT)
Hello there,I was educated by the Faitful Companions of Jesus (FCJ) Order, here in Australia and one of the first sisters to arrive in Australia was Mother Veronica Daly. I thought it might interest you to know that my school, Vaucluse College FCJ, even named one of there houses after Mother Daly and I was house captain of that house.If anyone is interested in any detailed information of this remarkable woman, please email me.Regards,Jenelle

Robin Wood <dennis@infoflex.com.au>
Friday, August 14, 1998 at 02:24:11 (PDT)
My Grandfather was John Francis Daly & came from Dublin His father was John Daly married to Bridget Finucane J.F. was born about 1854 and came to Aust.in the 1890's- he could have had 2 sisters named Eileen & Nancy - would love some information please.

Margaret H. (DALY) Ostrowski <lostrowski@hotmail.com>
Sunday, August 09, 1998 at 09:46:52 (PDT)
RE: MICHAEL DALY; his father (unknown 1st name) came from TRALEE, COUNTY KERRY; had 14 sons-no daughters-only names known are Timothy & Michael. Michael was my g-g-g-grandfather. My grandfather: DENNIS DALY (b-1884(?) d-3/1919; married Bertha Schweitzer. My father: SAMUEL FREDERICK DALY (b-3/21/13 d-5/5/91). Samuel was born @ Bellview Hospital, New York City and lived on 42nd St. until, at age 5 his parents died of consumption. At age 10 Samuel moved with his brother JOHN DALY to TOLEDO, OHIO to live with/raised by his Uncle SAMUEL F. SMITH & MARY ELLEN (DALY) SMITH (Dennis' sister). Any information would be appreciated. Hello to all the Daly's out there! FAMILY WE JUST HAVEN'T MET YET!

Nora Louise Daly <kolano@Net-gate.com>
Wednesday, August 05, 1998 at 15:21:25 (PDT)
Anyone with Daly relatives from Dunmanway or Drimoleague, Co. Cork, Ireland - Send me mail.

Michael Hegarty <mhegarty@mit.edu>
Tuesday, August 04, 1998 at 09:58:54 (PDT)
Need advice on a center in Ireland to contact to get research done. Mallow Heritage homepage says they don't cover West Cork.I'm looking for the Marriage record of Catherine Daly to Michael Hegarty. They had a son Michael Hegarty in Sept 1901 Kilmacabea.Catherine Daly and Michael Hegarty would have been living around Dunmanway or Rosscarberry in County Cork. Any suggestions or knowledge of this Catherine Daly?

Martin J. Daly <marcris@sundial.net>
Thursday, July 30, 1998 at 10:20:29 (PDT)
My g-grandpatents Michael DALY(1827-1887) and Margaret Murray(1819-1889) emigrated from Kiladysart, county Clare with their children Bridget(1849-1924), John(1854-1924), Martin(1864-1921), Patrick(died bef 1921), Michael(1860-1921) and Thomas(1867-1884). I'm not sure exactly when the family began their emigration, but John claimed that he entered the United States on 15 May 1877 and I know that the entire family was here by 1883. The family settled in the Old First Ward of Buffalo NY and are all buried in Buffalo except Patrick. I believe that Patrick settled in Chicago or South Bend, because I have a picture of my grandfather Martin with his brother Pat in Chicago and my father said that he had moved to South Bend IN.My father had also told me years ago that he had cousins in Australia, but I don't know if they were DALYs, RYANs, MURRAYs, or CONSIDINES because all four families came from county Clare.I also have a picture of my father with cousins Stephen DALY and Harold DALY taken about 1918. I have found Stephen, but no trace of Harold.

Kathleen Parke <kparke03@sprynet.com>
Wednesday, July 29, 1998 at 12:54:58 (PDT)
I am looking for any information about the ancestors and descendants of MARY DALY. My records show her date of birth in Ireland as June 1848. She married William H. McDonnell January 30, 1879. William McDonnell was born in Cork, Ireland in May of 1849. He died in New York April 18, 1879. Upon her husbands death, Mary Daly returned to Ireland to give birth to Thomas F. McDonnell on December 19, 1879. Mary Daly died in December of 1918.Any information you may be able to provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!!

LOIS CAYWOOD GUFFY <cmark@socencom.net>
Monday, July 27, 1998 at 14:07:56 (PDT)
I just entered this site again after a couple of months and noticed a former message of mine where I had mistakenly written my Grandfather as Benjamin Harrison Daly. His name was HENRY HARRISON DALY. Benjamin was his son. The rest of the query is as written.Lois Caywood Guffy gt grand daughter of Henry Harrison Dalycmark@socencom.net

robert j daly <RDaly10111 aol>
Tuesday, July 21, 1998 at 15:51:35 (PDT)
i would like to know if there are any daly s out there from the hatfield,mass. area,possibly knowing if any from the 1920`s possibly names of charles,or francis.i believe some said there are some names on the civil war statue in front of city hall?info needed for membership in the son of the grand army of the union.thanx

R Olsen <olsenr@nbnet.nb.ca>
Monday, July 20, 1998 at 14:52:49 (PDT)
Does anyone have info on a Hugh John Daley, b.1811 in Ireland.He arrived in Canada in 1831. He married Maimie (Mary) Grant, b.1821and she arrived in Canada in 1836. Thank you.

Debbie (Dally) Temple <templ19@ibm.net>
Monday, July 20, 1998 at 13:53:39 (PDT)
In researching our family name, we have found that we are a branch of a family O'Dahleigh (that was the spelling we found) from County Cork. Our roots go back to a sea captain by that name who was banished fromIreland in the 1700's, possibly for involvement in slave trading. Has anyone else found similar relatives? I know my great-grandfather was a farmer in Montana around the turn of the century.

thomas a daly <Zipzblu@aol.com>
Friday, July 10, 1998 at 08:49:21 (PDT)
i'm looking for my son Benjamin Morgan Daly could be working in field of computers..accounting. Hes a body builder and likes warmer climates.Have not seen him for 2 years if you have info please contact me at above address, thank you Tom daly

Michael Daly <MikeD43566@aol.com>
Thursday, July 09, 1998 at 23:13:44 (PDT)
Hello fellow clans people. Again I ask about Daly's of galway and how they differ from Daly's from other parts of Ireland? But I also like to say a God bless to everyone mostly because Northern Ireland is one step closer to becoming part of Ireland herself. Anyway please e-mail if you have any iinfo. Thanks again.

Mary Berry Leinenbach <tmlein@fullnet.com>
Wednesday, July 01, 1998 at 19:17:42 (PDT)
Searching for Ancestors and descendants of 2 DALY brothers from Kilsarkan, SE of Castleisland, Kerry who migrated west about 1800 to Caherpierce, Inch, Annascaul, Co. Kerry, known children: Thomas DALY mar. ?? and had 4 chidren: Sean DALY mar. Johanna REILLY, Donal DALY b. 1851 mar. elizabeth GRIFFIN, Padriag DALY mar. Ellen FITZGERALD, Bridget DALY mar. 1890 Patrick HENNESSY; Daniel DALY b. 1811 mar. Bridget "Bride Bhan O'CONNOR & had 6 children: Bridget DALY b. 1840 Caherpierce mar. 1867 Denis BARTON, Michael DALY b. 1851 mar. Mary MURPHY, Daniel DALY b. 1853 Caherpierce mar. Mary GRIFFIN, Johanna Elizabeth DALY b. 1856 mar. 1st John FLYNN, mar. 2nd Thomas O'BRIEN, Mary DALY b. 1859 mar. Patrick CURRAN of Ballynane, Annascaul, Kerry & Patrick DALY b. 18?? immig. to Australia; John DALY mar. Ellen GRIFFIN & remained in Caherpierce & had 3 daughters, Johanna, Ellen and Catherine who immig. to NZ. Any connections?, Thanks,Marytmlein@fullnet.com

Margaret Flacy <tefpacker@worldnet.att.net>
Wednesday, June 17, 1998 at 07:49:46 (PDT)
Am seeking information about DALY (DALEY)families in Alabama around 1850. The 1880 TN census states that my gr. grandfather, Simon, and his father were born in AL. Simon and 3 of his brothers were railroad employees, likely that their father was also. Any imput concerning the family or where major rail lines were in AL/1850 would be deeply appreciated

Jay Callahan <ardtigh@sover.net>
Monday, June 15, 1998 at 05:02:01 (PDT)
Just wanted to comment (and can't find another way to do it) that "Cead Mhile Failte O'Daligh" on the title page should read "Cead Mhile Failte do Mhuintir Ui Dalaigh", if it's a translation of "A Hundred Thousand Welcomes, O'Dalys Note also that in Munster, O Dalaigh is pronounced "O Dawlaig" in Irish. Best wishes.

Lois Caywood Guffy <cmark@socencom.net>
Sunday, June 14, 1998 at 15:33:45 (PDT)
I have been searching on a just a shoestring of knowledge for ancestors of Benjamin Harrison Daly who was born in Perry Co OH in 1833. He married in OH (Wife unknown) and had at least one son with her a William Daly. He married Mary Ann Campbell in Jacksonville IL on Feb 1,1859, and joined the IL volunteers 106th Reg. on Feb 26,1864His parents were said to have been born in Ireland. He and Mary Ann had children :Laura (Crow) Benjamin Franklin( died age 17)Walter Daly, Emma (Caywood) and John Charles Daly. Henry and Mary A> migrated Raymond KS in to Rice co where he died in 1899. William lived in KS and married Bessie and then Addie Jones. Addie and William had sons Bill and Loy who we were told to have moved to OR after William was killed in a train wreck. If any one can shed any light on this sketchy info I would be elated. We have no information where the Dalys lived before OH, nor their names.Thanks in advance..Lois Caywood Guffy cmark@socencom.net

Andrew J. Daly <rdaly0908@aol.com>
Friday, June 12, 1998 at 09:55:33 (PDT)
Looking for any information on a Bryan Daly who married Mary Smith in Wicklow or Dublin Counties in 1840's. Mary Smith Daly may have died in the Famine, because Bryan Daly then married Mary McGuiness in or near Rathnew, County Wicklow.

Shirley Arabin <arabin@wave.co.nz>
Wednesday, June 10, 1998 at 00:53:58 (PDT)
I have a small database (about 200 entries so far) of the DALY name, predominantly in Cork City, but some names in Co.Cork. I have extracted these from various directories and other sources and they mostly date from c1800. Also have extracted all DALY deaths in Cork, in 1900, 1901, and 1902 indexes to the Irish Deaths Register. There are some marriage and christening notices from newspapers.The database is indexed by Christian name, and includes the following where they were available;-occupation, address or locality; in some cases, spouse or parents; source of reference.If you want me to check the database for you give me the Christian name of your DALY. Remember this is only for Co.Cork.If you would like me to include your Cork DALY details, send them in.PLEASE CONTACT ME DIRECT BY EMAIL, not to this list.

Michael Daly <miked42566@aol.com>
Tuesday, June 09, 1998 at 16:19:44 (PDT)
Any info on Daly's from Galway would be helpfull?

Lorinda Daley <whitedeer@bigfoot.com>
Wednesday, June 03, 1998 at 13:51:42 (PDT)
I'm afraid I haven't much to go on and this may be a shot in the dark but you never know......It starts with JOHN MICHAEL DALEY. He was born about 1880, possibly in Syrracuse, NY and died in 1919. He was married (abt 1900) to LOTTIE ? who may have been born in Nova Scotia. They had 3 children that I know of....MARGARET, MARY LILLIAN and JOHN "JACK" MICHAEL. The family lived in Oakland and Waterville, Maine....also Berlin, New Hampshire. "JACK" was born in June of 1917 and may have been born in Nova Scotia or New Hampshire. He may have been stationed at Fort Devins and now lives in Natick, Massachusetts. In the 1940s he married Madelene Rogers who passed on in 1983. They are my Grandparents. I was told that the Daley line originated in Ireland. This is all I seem to be able to pull from the family so ANY additional info would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

Karen Fawcett <Prvnmarine@aol.com>
Monday, June 01, 1998 at 15:25:34 (PDT)
Catherine DALY, born circa 1850. Married Michael CRONIN c 1870. They had 6 children, John David, Michael, Cornelius, Mary, Catherine, and Robert.Their church might have been :Our Lady of Ransom Church, Glenroe, Kilfinane, Ballentubber, Co. LimerickI'd appreciate any information........every bit helps!

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