Daly Clan Archives, January - May 1998

Brian Fisher <bfisher@daileyads.com>
Wednesday, May 27, 1998 at 16:34:56 (PDT)
Sylvester Daly=Great Great Grandfather, son of John and Mary Catherine Faley=Great Great Grandmother, daughter of Patrick and Bridget (brother=Hugh) Sylvester and Catherine married in mid-to-late 1850s, location unknown. Sylvester believed to come from Co. Cork. By 1858, the couple lived in the BlackHills/Benfieldside of Co. Durham and had several children including a son name Sylvester. Family moved to Pittsburgh PA in late 1860s where my Great Grandfather, James, was born. Sylvester, the son, moved to Birmingham Alabama around 1900 and also had a son named Sylvester. Has anybody come across these names in researching Dalys/Faleys in County Cork or other County? I am laboriously reviewing Griffiths Valuation for County Cork, Parish by Parish and could use your help!

Shirley Arabin <arabin@wave.co.nz>
Monday, May 25, 1998 at 00:39:23 (PDT)
Interested in DALY family of Cork City. Connections with Daly & Murray distillery in Blarney Lane and John St. Cork last century. Became part of Cork Distillery. Maurice DALY, had at least 3 daughters. The third, Mary Ann married John MURRAY in 1822 in Cork. Any connections gratefully received. Shirley Arabin New Zealand

Margaret Flacy <tefpacker@worldnet.att.net>
Sunday, May 24, 1998 at 05:30:25 (PDT)
Seeking ties to Simon Daly. Married Mary Valentine Phillips, 1874, in Carroll Co., TN. Likewise appeared in TN 1880 census as a married 29 yrs. old, 2 children. Census also stated that both he and his father were born in AL. Simon and several sons were railroad employees, likely that his father was also. Sons were: J. Eddie(1874-1925), Carl L. (1878-?), Clint Atkins (1879-1904),Robert E.(1880-1963)Horace (1882-1936). As adults, last 3 sons lived in AR.

Don Geddis <drgeddis@home.com>
Friday, May 22, 1998 at 08:14:21 (PDT)
I am searching for information about my great grandfather, JOHN DALY, who lived in County Meath in 1862, worked in Dublin in 1864. He married MARY MULLALLY from Clonsilla, County Dublin and came to the United States around 1865. At first, he settled in New Haven Connecticut. Any help would be apprreciated.

Ed Finn <efinn@thecore.com>
Friday, May 22, 1998 at 04:40:11 (PDT)
Research has placed Joseph Daly, my great grandfather, in the townland of Kilmurry, Co. Monaghan. In reading the book "History of the O'Dalys", I have found a considerable amount of information recorded regarding Joseph Daly. One interesting passage in the book states that he was a member of the Daly Clan that was driven from their previous place of residence in County Meath.
I would very much like to communicate with anyone else that believes their Daly origins may also have been from Co. Meath.

Ed Finn
My personal genealogy home page
ICQ# 7780675

Mary Ann Higgins <MAchic@aol.com>
Wednesday, May 20, 1998 at 19:28:41 (PDT)
I am searching for relatives of Michael Daly. My grandfather, Michael, immigrated to Boston in 1899. He was born in Monaghan County on June 6, 1877 or June 27, 1872. His parents were Patrick Daly and Annie McMahan. He married Susan Gallagher in Boston and opened a soda manufacturing company. Any information would be appreciated. Mary Ann

Trey Velasco <trey@dallas.grupo4.com>
Tuesday, May 19, 1998 at 10:43:50 (PDT)
I am looking for information on Richard R. Daly born to Robert Cornwell Daly and Roseltha Randolph Daly of Senecca Falls NY. Richard was born in the 1860's. The was an infant girl that died. I believe Robert C. Daly was a medical docter. Robert had a brother named Richard C. Daly, who moved to Texas during the Cival War (My side of the family) and a sister Mary Daly who may have married a man by the surname of Miller. Rose Daly died in 1922 in New York City and is buried in Restvale Cementary in Seneca Falls, NY. I was able to locate this information though the ancestrial files database of the Church of Latter Day Saints. Any help would be appreciated!

Dick Daly <ddaly@nextek.net>
Monday, May 18, 1998 at 07:40:39 (PDT)
Hello again, I've received updated information on my DALYS through the Mallow Heritage Centre. It turns out that my g-grandparents were MICHAEL DALY and ELLEN CONNELL (birthdates correct). Their marriage took place at St. Nicholas Roman Catholic Church in Castlelyons, County Cork in 1840. Their 9 children were also born in Castlelyons between 1841 and 1860. They emigrated to New London, Ct. via New York between 1864 and 1872. We still have not been able to identify where his father, PATRICK DALY is from because he does not show up on Griffith's Valuation in the same place (Glenarousk Townland) or anywhere else in that part of County Cork. Patience has gotten me this far so I'll keep searching. With the thought that it may help someone else, I am listing the baptismal sponsors of the Daly children at St. Nicholas Church: John Cooney, Ellen Sliney, Michael Denahy, Abigail and Ellen Murphy, John Ivis, Johanna Waters, Patrick Herlihy, Margaret Kirby, John and Mary Sheehan, John and Honora Morrison, Mary Ronan, Patrick and Elizabeth Connell, Owen and Edmond Ahern, Johanna Moynihan, Denis Foohy. If you recognize a name let me know and I will share what I have. Happy hunting! Dick Daly

Nancy Kie <NKie105610@aol.com>
Monday, May 18, 1998 at 06:47:00 (PDT)
Looking for information on Richard Daly and Cathrine Roycroft married Skibbereen,Co Cork abt.1854 Church of Ireland.Their daughter,Mary ann Daly was said to have grown up in Tralispeen,near Baltimore Co Cork(west Cork) When Mary Ann was abt 10 the family came to USA but only stayed a few years as the climate was too harsh for her mother.(1865 ?) She married William Allen Hegarty abt 1880 and soon after left Ireland headed for Australia,missed the boat and took the next departing ship.They spent the rest of their lives in Brooklyn, NY any information on this branch of the Daly clan ? Regards, Nancy Kie

jenny Fawcett <jfawcett@standard.net.au>
Saturday, May 16, 1998 at 07:10:20 (PDT)
I am desperatly seeking information on Kathleen/Kate [Cath] Daly/Daley who said she was born c 1885 - 1890 in Gympie.Queensland.Australia. She gave birth to a daughter Beatrice in 1912 in Melbourne.Victoria. She gave her into care. Beatrice is now 86yo and is trying to find some information on her birth family. Kate came back to visit 6 or so times around 1918-1920 and was answering to the surname of Van Ran or Van RHijn or similar. She was supposedly wanting to take Beatrice with her to South AFrica. We have searched extensively thourght out Vic and Qld with no success. If anyone comes across any information regarding her could they please let me know Jenny Fawcett 60 Breton St Warrnambool Vict 3280

Trey <Trey@dallas.grupo4.com>
Friday, May 15, 1998 at 07:36:01 (PDT)
I am looking for information on Mary Cornwell Daly Miller. She died on May 11, 1884 according to a family letter. She had, that I know of, one son. Mary was the daughter of John Daly and Sara C. Daly. John was Irish and Sara believed to be English. Mary had two brothers, Richard, who moved to Texas and Robert who married a Rose and was a Doctor in upstate NY and a sister Sara. The Daly's were not Catholic but Esp.'s Any informtion would be appreciated!

Thursday, May 14, 1998 at 09:05:32 (PDT)

Jane Sherris <jsherris@lightspeed.bc.ca>
Tuesday, May 12, 1998 at 14:18:24 (PDT)
Hi, I am searching for a Denis C Dailey from St. Paul, MN. He submitted a tree to Family Tree Makers WFT. I have some relatives in common and hoped to contact him via e-mail. Does anyone know this person? thanks

David Dailey <DaileyDW@aol.com>
Tuesday, May 05, 1998 at 19:33:37 (PDT)
Looking for brother or Father of John Dailey Born 1792 , Virginia. Married Nancy Curtis.John Daileys sons are Levi,John W , and James H.C.Dailey. Most of the Family settled around Martinsburg, West Virginia.I have most of the info from John Dailey to present time. Has anyone ever heard of a Dailey coming from Enland??????

Thomas J Daley <daleyfam@execpc.com>
Saturday, May 02, 1998 at 07:47:09 (PDT)
I am trying to find ancestors or decendants of my 2nd Greatgrandfather Michael Daley, he was born 1795 in Wexford County Ireland, Parish of Kilrush, Townland of Ballyrobuk. He married Elizabeth Curran born 1799 in Ireland. They left Ireland approx. 1831 for Canada. They had seven children the first two were born in Wexford County Ireland and the rest in Chelsea Quebec, Canada. There Children were (1)Richard b1827, (2)Sarah b1830, (3)Owen b1832, (4)Catherine b1834, (5)Anne b 1836, (6)Abigale b1838, (7)Bridget b1842. It is believed he had a brother Owen who stayed behind in Ireland. I have posted on my webpage much more information of the decendants of Michael Daley. I also have information of other Daly's who settled in the Chelsea Quebec, Canada area that may be of help to others looking for Daley, Daly connections. If you can be on any help in my research it would be most appriciated.

Tracey Collins <tubber@seaside.net>
Thursday, April 30, 1998 at 23:28:45 (PDT)
Looking for info on Enoch Lloyd Dayley married Elsie Neilson came to Canada in the early 1900's or late 1800's. Any info would be great.

David Daly <David_Daly@pcp.ca>
Wednesday, April 29, 1998 at 13:26:19 (PDT)
Notice I Have Entered Incorrect E-Mail Address On Sunday,April26,1998 This Should Help You Arlene H.

Michael Daly <MikeD42566@aol.com>
Tuesday, April 28, 1998 at 19:29:45 (PDT)
Hello. I'm intrested in information on Galway since thats were my family from, any info on the history and area Galway would be appreciated. Thanks.

David Daly <@pcp.com.ca>
Sunday, April 26, 1998 at 12:02:41 (PDT)
Message to RHONDA DALY re: James Daly Born 1758 Dublin Married to Sarah Dill 1794. Their Children are as follows. Lawrence Born 1800 Scranton,PA. William Born Jan,13,1801 LexingtonKy Sarah,Born Lexington Ky ,Mary, Born Lexington Ky. James Born 1804 Lexington Ky, and John Lucas Daly Born April 25,1809 Our Family Follows the William Daly Line

Kenneth R. Tenore <tenore@cbl.umces.edu>
Friday, April 24, 1998 at 07:36:47 (PDT)
Stephan and Bessie M. Daly I am looking for information on my grandparents, Stephan and Bessie M. Daly who were born in Ireland and immigrated to the U.S., living in Boston MA around 1900-?. Any information would be appreciated.

Sandra Lee Dailey <doorlarsen@aol.com>
Wednesday, April 22, 1998 at 11:41:50 (PDT)
Any help would be appreciated. My father Harold Lee Dailey, grandfather Lee Harold Dailey, G-grandfather from Ireland (County Cork) have been told he was the carriage driver for the president of Ireland. Anyone with information ??? thanks

Ed Finn <efinn@thecore.com>
Sunday, April 19, 1998 at 17:23:05 (PDT)
My Gr-Grandfather was Joseph Daly (b. 1827) married to Bridget Shevlin. Joseph and Bridget raised their family in the Townland of Kilmurry, County Monaghan. I have considerable information on Joseph and his descendants, but I would like to learn more about his parents and siblings. If anyone is doing research on the Daly's from Co. Monaghan, I would look forward hearing from you so that we could exchange genealogical data. A pedigree chart and some data sheets exist at my genealogy site: http://www.thecore.com/~efinn/gene/gene1.html Ed Finn efinn@thecore.com ICQ# 7780675

Patty Daly Haimerl <Haimerl@Franken1.de>
Thursday, April 16, 1998 at 10:50:46 (PDT)
My grandfather, Maurice Daly was born on Innisvickilaune and came to the US. We are looking for a brother, John Daly that settled in Mass. My grandfather was born in 1868 so we expect John may have been around that age too.

Trey Velasco <Trey@dallas.grupo4.com>
Monday, April 13, 1998 at 17:39:08 (PDT)
Looking for information on Robert and Rose Daly of Senecca Falls NY circa 1870's. They had, that I know of, one son. Robert "Bob" was the son of John and Sara A. Daly and had a brother Richard "Dick" C. Daly. Any information would be appreciated.

Susan Daly Voiers <SWATV@aol.com>
Saturday, April 11, 1998 at 12:37:03 (PDT)
My g-g-g grandfather was William A. Daly who moved to Giles Co. TN in 1819 from Mecklinburg Co., VA with his brothers Josiah and John. I recently found out that his father was Josiah Daly who died in Mecklinburg Co in 1818. It's a good possibility that Josiah's father was Daniel Daly who M Ann Jones and died in 1754 in Essex Co, VA Daniel's father was John Samuel Daly b. in Baintree Massachusetts. John Samuel's parents were John Daly and Mary ? Does andone have any info on this line. I'm interested in ancestors and decentants. Josiah and Mary Elam's other children were Richard Daly, Sarah m. ? Ogburn, Ann m. Sterling Neblett, Mary Ann, Samuel, and Daniel. If anyone has any info on this line please email me.

charles dailey <cidailey@sprynet.com>
Monday, April 06, 1998 at 16:24:21 (PDT)
looking for information on samuel daily and mary woolfendale daily. married 12-10-1835 in boone county indiana. also isaac daily their son.

Jaime Daly <Yelomigity@aol.com>
Thursday, April 02, 1998 at 21:18:22 (PST)
I am looking for anyone who could of known a James Daly who lived in NY state (near the city) in the 1940's, he is my grandfather and I never knew him andeither did my father so without him I can't figure out any more about my roots. Any information would be very appreciated. Thanks Jaime.

Trey Velasco <Trey@dallas.grupo4.com>
Tuesday, March 31, 1998 at 17:01:51 (PST)
I am looking for information on John Daly born in Ireland who married an English woman named Sara A. They lived in New York City in the 1830's/1840's. They had several children two named Richard C. Daly born in 1832 and Sara. The C. either stands for Colson or Cromwell. Richard C. Daly later left to enlist in the Spanish- American war at a very early age and was an officer in the Cival War. He died in Presidio, TX in 1911. Any leads would be most appreciated. Trey

Jim Kennelly <supervir@mail.reach.net>
Sunday, March 29, 1998 at 19:20:12 (PST)
I am researching Dennis Daley, my gg gf who hailed from the parish ofBallygarvin, Cork. It appears he married Hanorah (Norry) Callaghan fromthe same parish circa 1830. It is not clear when they arrive in Canadabut I believe it was not long after and may have been in Perth, Ont. Children included Timothy (Taid), Dennis, Ellen, Johannah, Michael,and possibly Charles. They were related to the O'Sullivan, Ford and Callaghan families who settled in Tyendinaga Township, Hastings Co., Ont. in the 1830s. I understand that the Daley family came to this part of Ireland in the 1500s as bards of the Desmonds.

Buck Denton <b.denton@mailexcite.com>
Saturday, March 28, 1998 at 14:53:02 (PST)
I am researching my grandfather's history. I think he was an engineer in Auadulse(?), Panama and my mom is from Panama, he is her father. Could anyone tell me of any Daly's who went to Panama. My grandmother's name is Ana Rosa Rodriguez. Sincere Thanks. Buck Denton.

Judy Gustafson <majboyd@aol.com>
Thursday, March 26, 1998 at 20:18:26 (PST)
I am researching Sarah E. DAILEY born about 1828 in INDIANA(?), married Arthur James BOYD Jr. on 10 Feb 1848 in HENRY CO., INDIANA, died 26 Dec 1856 and buried in SMITH'S CEMETERY, OKAW TOWNSHIP, COLES COUNTY, ILLINOIS. Believed to have a brother named GEORGE, born about 1832. Any information or leads would be appreciated.

Patricia Daley-Bennett <patdaley@ttlc.net>
Thursday, March 26, 1998 at 08:18:31 (PST)
My GGrandfather Timothy Daly married Mary Buckley 5 Feb 1859 in Cullen, Co Cork. They had the following known children:Michael Daly (my grandfather) b 13 Dec 1859, Mologhroe, Co CorkNora Daly b 17 Apr 1862, Ahane, Co CorkJulia Daly b 15 July 1864 Ahane, Co CorkJohn Daly b 10 Dec 1866 Toorenglanahee, Co CorkEllen Daly b 22 Jan 1869 TooreenealaghTimothy Daly b 1 Apr 1873 Boherbue, Co CorkMichael, John and one of the sisters emigrated to the US. Michael in 1884 and John and sister by 1892. The remainding sibblings stayed in Ireland (Co Cork)Looking for parents of my GGrandfather Timothy and any spouses and descendants of remaining children and sibblings of Timothy. Any help greatly appreciated.This a wonderful site!!!Patricia Daley-Bennett

Richard Daly Reddick <rdreddick@iname.com>
Wednesday, March 25, 1998 at 14:27:06 (PST)
Searching for roots of my g-g-grandfather, Charles Daly, b.c.1809 in County Cork, m. c. 1831 to Eliza H. Higginson, came to Buffalo, NY, USA c. 1848. Died 1849 as result of Cholera epidemic.Ten children, five or six survived the epidemic.

Karan Kotz <dollvr@acd.net>
Monday, March 23, 1998 at 16:48:56 (PST)
My Grandmother, Myrtle DAILEY, was born in Grand Rapids, MI in 1890. On her 1909 marriage license it says her father was Orring DAILEY, born in MN and as of 1909 was a locomotive engineer in San Diego, CA. That is all I know of him, except he was married to Augusta DIFFENDAFFER/DIFFENDARFER who was born in IN. There may be a connection to Churubusco or other parts of Whitley Co., IN.

Rhonda Daly <RDALY3821@aol.com>
Thursday, March 19, 1998 at 17:53:21 (PST)
I am searching for the Irish roots of James DALY born about 1760. James is reported to be the son of Michael DALY. He was supposedly studying for the priesthood in Dublin about 1777 when he left Ireland for the USA. He was to join his brother Michael who had already arrived in America. There may have been another brother who settled in Kentucky and Missouri like James did, Lawrence Jones DALY.Does anyone know if records exist for those who were studying for priesthood during that time?Hope someone knows something about these DALY guys.

Lorene Dailey <dld95@hotmail.com>
Monday, March 09, 1998 at 08:53:10 (PST)
My grandfather Michael Leonard Dailey was born 1881 in Melrose, Monroe, Iowa, to Matthew Dailey and Johanna Clifford. Matthew was born in Scartaglen, Kerry, Ireland. Johanna was born in Tureenagara, Kerry, Ireland. Sometime between their marriage in 1863 and the birth of my grandfather, they migrated to America. I believe some older children remained in Ireland. According to my family information, Matthew's father was Tom Dailey also born in Scartaglen. Matthew's mother was Johanna Connell born in Tralee, Kerry, Ireland. Johanna died in Melrose, Monroe, Iowa. Tom's father was Andrew Dailey. Johanna Connell's father was Daniel Connell. I am interested in obtaining information about (or from) descendants of Matthew Dailey/Johanna Clifford. Also information that I may use to fill out my pedigree chart with my Irish ancestors. Thank you.

Forrest John <FMJ3@AOL.COM>
Saturday, March 07, 1998 at 12:03:56 (PST)
I am starting to search for my wife's DAILY line. There have been numerous spellings for this surname but I will stick to this. I have that John DAILY Sr. was born in County Cork, Ireland. He married Ellen MCDONALD in New York in ABT 1835. They had two sons in New York, Lorenzo (Jack) in 1836 and James in 1839. They ten moved to Michigan and had two more sons and two daughters: John Henry in 1844, Hugh in 1846, Mary Jane in 1849 and Ellen in 1852. Any help will be appreciated.

Karen Dreyer <the-missing-piece@worldnet.att.net>
Thursday, March 05, 1998 at 19:59:59 (PST)
I am trying to locate a Shirley Mae Daly who was born in Missouri in 1927 (or maybe Nov-Dec 1926). She was living in Toledo, Ohio in 1958 and still had her maiden name of Daly at that time. She very well could have married after that and changed her name as so many women tend to do :-) If anyone recognizes this data as being in their line of the Daly lineage, please e-mail immediately. If you also know of brothers, sisters, children or other living relatives of Shirley, please let me know where I can contact them. Thank you for your help.

Julia Dailey <jmd-julia@worldnet.att.net>
Thursday, February 26, 1998 at 15:55:07 (PST)
I am searching for information on my great-grandfather, Owen Daly. He was born on November 1, 1867, in Glenquin, Broadford, Drumcolliher, County Limerick. His parents were Michael Daly and Catherine (O)Mahoney. I believe he had seven siblings: James, Michael, Katherine, Mary, Allen, John, and Margaret. I also believe that Michael Daly was a herdsman/farmer.

Al Morris <cmorris@FTC-I.net>
Monday, February 23, 1998 at 10:56:55 (PST)
I am looking for information on my G-Grandfather James Robert DALEY.He was born January 23, 1855 and died January 27, 1917. He died and is buried in Screven County, Georgia, USA. I am unsure of wherehe was born. He married Henrietta Francis ARCHER on January 20, 1875.They had twelve Children: James Gilbert, Sarah Jane, Francis Elizabeth,Lawton Singleton, John William, Walton Catherine, David Archer, RoyJulian, Annie Ethel, Essie Lillian (my Grandmother), Chauncey Rakestraw, and Bessie Corine.Thanksal

Russ Daly <paperboy@enol.com>
Saturday, February 21, 1998 at 22:44:06 (PST)
Looking for information on my ancestor, John Daly, who came from County Cork around 1860. He first came to Connecticut, went to Louisiana and Michigan before moving to San Benito County, Calif. He married a Bridget McAuliffe or McCrowlett (marriage certificate simply says Bridget Mac). Descendants farmed in San Benito County, only a few left. Please help with any information possible. Thank you.

Patrick Daley <patd@buffnet.net>
Saturday, February 21, 1998 at 04:34:51 (PST)
Looking for information on my Great Grandfather Michael J. Daley(Dailey) son of Michael Dailey and Margaret. He was born in Massachusettsin 1861 and then moved to Scranton, PA. His parents emigrated fromIreland, but do not know what county. He married Winifred Loftus whodied in 1889 and then in 1892 he married Mary Hastings. He had twochidren with Winifred and five children with Mary. My family tree canbe viewed by going to my home page and clicking on the Family Tree. If anyone can make a connection with a name in the tree, I would liketo hear from you.

Emery C. Daly <emerydaly@earthlink.net>
Thursday, February 19, 1998 at 02:59:36 (PST)
My ancestor John Daly came from Dunmanway in County Cork. His son Stephen J. Daly immigrated to Saint John NB in 1836. Some family history has us connected through the name Dealy with the Daly family of Galway co. Please see my web page for more extensive Daly Genealogy. I would like to hear from anyone that might hook up with me.Emery

James Dayley <Cldayley@AOL.com>
Saturday, February 14, 1998 at 17:43:17 (PST)
GGGrandfather James Dayley born in1811 Belmont County Ohio to Jacob Dayley and wife. His father drowned ??? 2 months prior to his birth. He was raised by his stepfather Enoch Rhoads. We have no info on Jacob except he was approx.24 when he drowned??? in the Ohio river. Is anybody a descendant of a Jacob Dayley, Daly, Daley, etc. that came from that time and area. James Dayley my GGGrandfather married Isabelle McBride and joined the newly formed Mormon church. I question whether there was a split in the family or divorce or ???? We migrated to Kentucky, Missouri, Illinois, Utah, and finally to Idaho in 1878. Istill have very active Mormons in the family and have used all church resources with no results. Would sincerely appreciate any feedback I might receive

Thomas Patrick Daly <tdaly91062@aol.com>
Wednesday, February 11, 1998 at 08:32:03 (PST)
Decendent of the Daly family from Brooklyn, New York. My dad, David Francis Daly, born August 18, 1904, had a sister Helen Daly and a sister Evelyn Daly. He had a brother Frank Daly. Plot in Brooklyn names Timothy Daly who died in the early 1800's as perhaps the first American. Have a limitted amount of information and am seeking more.

David Dailey <compass@aa.net>
Tuesday, February 10, 1998 at 13:13:18 (PST)
I'm searching for information about the ancestors and descendants of a James Dailey (born 6 Feb 1801). James was born in either Greene County, Pennsylvania or Trumbull County, Ohio. He married Rebecca Applegate in 1824 in Monongahela City, Pennsylvania; they had about 14 children and are buried in West Finley Cemetery in Greene County, Pennsylvania. I welcome any contact from any of James's and Rebecca's descendants, and from anyone with information about James's parents and other family. --Thanks!

Thomas Daley <Motorvr@roc.infi.net>
Saturday, February 07, 1998 at 22:32:09 (PST)
My Grandfather was Jerimiah Daley and came from county cork and my grandmother was Anna Heagerty Daley and believe she came from the same area of Ireland. They had two sons John and Gerald and established roots in Rochester, NY. I believe my grandfather had brothers but not sure if they ever married or had children. Most likely stayed in Ireland. If anyone has any ties would like to hear from you.

Martin Daly <mdsc@mcmedia.com.au>
Saturday, February 07, 1998 at 15:49:45 (PST)
Searching for information on John Jospeh Daly and/or Terrence Daly who arrived Sydney, Australia (from Ireland) mid 1800's. I am descended from John Joseph Daly (married name Florence Foote). His children were Oswald, Percy, Florence, Claude, plus 2 other children who died as infants. Any information greatly appreciated.

Tom Daly <DaniAm@aol.com>
Friday, February 06, 1998 at 18:12:10 (PST)
I am glad to say that my family search for other Dalys has been successful. I was able to reach my fathers cousin in Abbeyfeale by utilizing my AOL net find. He has informed me that his cousin still lives in the house my grandfather lived in as a child and departed for NY in 1922. I recommended you try using realtors in Ireland if you know what general area your family comes from. They were very helpful. If there are any Dalys from Abbeyfeale on this board, let me know.Good luck.

Paul Dailey <Chultio089@aol.com>
Tuesday, February 03, 1998 at 12:46:58 (PST)
My great-great-great-great grandfather was a J. (Joseph?) Dailey who moved from Luzerne Co. Penna in 1843 to Chemung Co. NY with hisson Archilus Dailey. Archilus brought his bride Sarah Ann Singer Daileyfrom her home in Luzerne Co. Penna to NY with them where they had 10children. Any information regarding any Dailey's from Luzerne Co. Penna from this time period may be of great help. Thank you!

christopher daly <ss iberia@aol.com>
Monday, February 02, 1998 at 16:36:19 (PST)
hello, this is christopher daly and I just want to say i am proud to ba a daly

Wil Dailey <adshelby@pcis.net>
Monday, February 02, 1998 at 16:11:36 (PST)
I am looking for information about the ancestors of Hugh Dailey who was born in Virginia in 1783, he married Elizabeth Church. He was related somehow to Jesse Dailey who was born 1760. I know thatJesse's father's name was Hugh and his mother was an O'Brian. Jesse was a Revolutionary War Hero. Hugh Dailey and Elizabeth Church lived in Pittsylvania county Virginia.

John Garrah <jpgar@ptd.net>
Monday, February 02, 1998 at 10:46:56 (PST)
My great-grandfather, John Connolly was the son of Daniel Connolly and Johanna Daly; natives of County Sligo. He emigrated to New York in 1858 and may have lost a wife and children during the" Great Hunger". He married Mary Donovan @ 1860, in New York. She was the daughter of Timothy Donovan and Margaret Neal, and had been born in Belderg, Doonfeeny Parish, County Mayo.I have no information about Daniel and Johanna Daly Connolly and am seeking to identify their area of residence in Co. Sligo.

Bob Sweet <bobsweet@nbnet.nb.ca>
Monday, February 02, 1998 at 08:07:29 (PST)
William Daly emigrated at age of about 5 yrs to Canada from Ireland in 1832. William married Mary Downey in Newcastle, NB 7 May 1848. Moved to Campbellton shortly thereafter. William was a tailor. Don't know where in Ireland William was born but Mary's obit. gives Cork, Ireland as her birthplace. William and Mary had 15 ch. including: Mary Ann, Helen,Elisabeth, Thomas, Catherine, Maurice, William, Ann, Margaret, Maria, Mark, John, Patrick, Joseph. Mary died 1884, William was still alive in 1901. Would like to communicate with anyone with an interest in this family.

Kate Dungan <oDubhagain@hotmail.com>
Saturday, January 31, 1998 at 13:27:10 (PST)
Hello! I'm looking for info on my Grandmother's people. Her namewas Clara and her father's name was Timothy. Timothy and his wife came from Co. Cork originally. They had a great many children, but I only remember my Grandmother talking about her brothers James and Denis. Denis lived in Columbus, Ohio, for many years. I'd reallylike to know something about these folks. I have an old scrapbookwith some ancient Daly photos, if anyone out there is interested, I'dlove to hear from you!

Daniel Daly <dalyd@meol.mass.edu>
Saturday, January 31, 1998 at 06:16:11 (PST)
I have to admit that I am envious of those people who know the county and/or village that their Daly family emigrated from. I have been to Ireland several times and it would have meant a great deal to me to have visited such a place.At this time, after a great deal of research, I know that my great, great grandfather (Daniel) was born in Ireland in 1825. I know his parents were Michael Daly and Catherine (McShane) Daly and I know that Daniel landed in New York in 1842.I can not find anything about the first 15 years of his life in this country, including his marraige to Ann Crowe, nor can I find any information in Ireland that gets me closer to the county or village of his roots.Any suggstions would be welcome. I have done birth and death records, census, National Archives, State Archives, ship passenger lists. What have I missed?

Pat Dailey Murphy <dpmurphy@patriot.com>
Friday, January 30, 1998 at 09:09:08 (PST)
Looking for information about a Charles C. Dailey, born in the 1890's, who married (between 1910 and 1915) and later divorced (between 1920 and 1930) a Marie Anna Aicher in Cleveland, Ohio. They had two children, Florence and Charles Farland Dailey. Charles C. Dailey either owned a music store or was a music teacher. ANY information greatly appreciated -- all contact lost after the divorce. I believe that Charles C. Dailey remarried and had another family.

Alda Margaret Daly Russman <aldarussman@bc.sympatico.ca>
Tuesday, January 27, 1998 at 00:20:11 (PST)
I would be interested in finding information or family.My grandfather's name was Dennis Daly. My grandmother's name wasBridget McCrank Daly. They immigrated to Canada around the 1890's.My father Neil Francis Daly was born in Quebec in November of 1900. His godmother listed on his baptismal certificate was Ellen DalyHis godfather was Lawrence Lynch. The baptism was in Maniwaki Quebec.I think they were a large family. I only know of two brothers. Bertwho lived in North Bay Ontario and Nick who lived on Richards streetin Vancouver b.c.f

Alda Margaret Daly Russman <aldarussman@bc.sympatico.ca>
Tuesday, January 27, 1998 at 00:04:22 (PST)
My grandfather was Francis Daly. My Grandmother was Bridget MccranckDaly. They immagrated to Canada in the 1890's. I believe the lived inQuebec and Timmins Ontario. My father is named Niel Daly he was bornin the year 1900 . I know he had a brother named Bert who lived inNorth Bay Ontario, and another named Nick who lived in Vancouver B.C.I would realy like to know more about my family. Thank You

Marie Daly <Tommarie@Interlog.com>
Sunday, January 25, 1998 at 17:11:11 (PST)
My great grandfather came from Ireland. My father heard he came from either Kings County or Roscommon. His name is Hugh Daly and he was born in 1811. He married in Quebec, Canada in 1832 to Bridget Doyle. The marriage cert. said his father was Michael Daly and his mother is Anne Hunt. I also found a Marriage cert. for a sister named Winnifred who married Thomas Horan 1st. and Keron Horan 2nd. Hugh Daly lived in Frampton, Quebec until 1840 and then came to Albion Ontario, He had five daughters and a son name John Daly. John Daly had three sons by his first wife Margaret Hislen being: Patrick Hugh, John, and Frank. Would like any info on where Hugh came from in Ireland and info on any of his family. Also I would like to find any info on the sons of John and Margaret Daly. John and Frank were born soon after their parents marriage in 1876. Thank you

Tom Daly <DaniAm1234@aol.com>
Saturday, January 24, 1998 at 06:04:45 (PST)
I was going to spend at least $250.00 for a complete run on my geneology but instead my aol search engine has served as a wonderful tool for establishing contact in Ireland. My family originates from Abbeyfeale, Co Limerick (I thought it was Abbey Field) and I have received several replys from emails I placed with local Real Estate agents and am also hoping to for a positive response from the Catholic Diocese in Limerick. I suggest you utilize your search engine and just experiment with different key words. Hopefully you will be as pleasntly surprised as I am. Good luck. Tom Daly

Hugh Daly <H.M.Daly@cfm1220.wins.icl.co.uk>
Wednesday, January 21, 1998 at 09:14:41 (PST)
If you wish to find out about the Dalys from Poyntzpass or Meath Hill, in County Meath then give me a call!. I also have history on theMcSherry and Conlon clans from Poyntzpass.

John Daley <jfdaley2@ix.netcom.com>
Wednesday, January 21, 1998 at 03:41:02 (PST)
Greetings to all those of Daly blood , Glad to see this Web Page exists . My family comes from the Southwest around West Cork and Kerry, way up by the Sliabh Luchra mountains. I am interested if anyone out here has any knowledge regarding one of my ancestors Dominic O'Daly who hailed from Kilsarkan in Kerry, way back in the late 1500-early 1600's ( us Dalys never forget!). He was a Dominican priest and wrote "The History of the Geraldines. I would be interested in knowing if this book exists still He also was the confessor to the queen of Portugaul in the early 1600's.I am interested in trying to unearth my Daly roots that originate in Cork and Kerry.As we all out here know.... DALY's are the BEST!

Mrs. Marcia Bitting <shanecb@bellsouth.net>
Monday, January 19, 1998 at 12:36:27 (PST)
First, I have to thank the webmaster of this site for providing me with the most information I've found thus far!!! My great, great grandfather was John Daly (I know now that he was one of many!), he was married to an Irish lady with the maiden name of Byrne (one of them was related to the Claytons). The date of their departure from Ireland is not known at present, but I do know that he left Ireland and went to England...how long he lived there, I do not know. He was a pharmacist/chemist and his hobby was Astronomy. Our John Daly and his bride left England and embarked to, of all places, Matanzas, Cuba. This must have taken place in the early 1800's. After Castro took over the island, we have lost all written records, etc. The only thing that I know of that might still be standing in Cuba is our Daly/Byrne Mosselleum. I know that this is vague, but it is all that I have! Should you have any information on this Daly/Byrne couple or how I/we should go about our search, please let us know! Thank you!

Thomas P. Daly Jr. <DaniAm1234@aol.com>
Monday, January 19, 1998 at 08:17:08 (PST)
My Grandfather, Cornelius Gerard Daly emigrated to the US in the early 1900's. Cornelius Daly was the son of John Daly who owned a tailor shop in Abbey Square. The brothers of Cornellius were John Daly (Dept store in Abbey Field in Co. Limerick) Bartholemew, and Eamon. Their mother was Amelia O'Rourke Daly whose father was John F. O'Rourke , a bridge builder. My grandmother was Sarah Guidera (born 1895), the daughter of John Guidera who was a NYC policeman. Her mother was Mary Dwyer. Sarah Guidera and Cornelius Daly had two sons, Cornelius Daniel Daly (born 1938-39?) and Thomas Patrick Daly (born 1936, my father). If you know anything about these people please contact me. Thank you.

Claire Daly <gizmo01@gte.net>
Wednesday, January 14, 1998 at 21:39:33 (PST)
Hello again, this is Claire Daly the daughter of Michael T. Daly.I have made a mistake, my grandfathers name is Francis "Frank" Josoph Daly born 1899 in St. louis, and has a sister named Mary Rose Daly. His fathers name is Michael Daly and he was a first generation Irish decent man in the U.S he married my great-grrandmother Mary O'Keef. Michael Daly's fathers name is Daniel Daly, he immigrated to the U.S from Ireland around the 1850's , and his fathers name is Michael Daly. If you are a relative of these people I would like some information if you have any. Thank you.

Claire Daly <gizmo01@gte.net>
Wednesday, January 14, 1998 at 19:18:31 (PST)
I am Claire Daly, daughter of Michael T. Daly whose fathers name is Daniel Daly and father before him name is Michael Daly and father before him name is Daniel Daly. I do not know who Immigrated to the U.S first from Ireland, but I do know that most of them lived in St. Louis, Missouri and that I have cousins or 2nd and 3rd cousins that I do not know. If you have any information on this line of Daly's please send me a message. Thanks.

Claire Daly <gizmo01@gte.net>
Wednesday, January 14, 1998 at 19:10:42 (PST)
I am Claire Daly, daughter of Michael T. Daly whose fathers name is Daniel Daly and father before him name is Michael Daly and father before him name is Daniel Daly. I do not know who Immigrated to the U.S first from Ireland, but I do know that most of them lived in St. Louis, Missouri and that I have cousins or 2nd and 3rd cousins that I do not know. If you have any information on this line of Daly's please send me a message. Thanks.

James E. Daly <sgt-daly@webtv.net>
Tuesday, January 13, 1998 at 15:33:03 (PST)
Bernard DALY emigrated fromCo. Tyrone about 1845.He married Ann MEHAN. They were my Great Grandparents. I would like to hear from anyone of the Daly Clan.

Dick Daly <ddaly@nextek.net>
Tuesday, January 13, 1998 at 15:26:54 (PST)
My grandfather Thomas and his father, Michaelalong with his wife, Ellen O'Connell and the rest of their childrenimmigrated originally from Roscommon via Cork to New London, Ct. ca.1865-1870.

Michael and his wife Ellen are buried in St.Mary's Cemetery, NewLondon, Ct. Michael's death certificate indicates that his father, PatrickDaly married ???Myers. Ellen O'Connell (possibly Connell) was also born inIreland to John and Ellen O'Connell.

Michael was born 6/6/1818 and Ellen 3/10/1823 which puts their parentsbirths in the mid to late 1700's. They were Catholic, so I imagine iftheir marriage took place in Roscommon, it would have beenregistered in a Catholic parish in the 1840's since their oldest child wasborn in 1847. Again, I have no proof they were born, raised, or married there. Ijust have the hearsay of my mother. If you find anything, I would beinterested in any info you find. Good luck.

TZM <Tzm761@aol.com>
Tuesday, January 13, 1998 at 15:21:18 (PST)
My Great-great-grandmother, Margaret Daly of Enniscorthy, Ire. married toMichael Flood of Enniscorthy, also married there. I believe the Cathedral'sname is St. Aidan, Enniscorthy. They had 5 children in Enniscorthy. Allchildren moved to Philadelphia, PA and died there. Children's names were:Martin (my Great- grandfather b. approx. 1868), Patrick, Katie, Margaret &Mary. Any info re: Margaret Daly & possibly her parents would be appreciated.

Ruth Carr <Killomoran@polaris.digistar.mb.ca>
Tuesday, January 13, 1998 at 15:17:41 (PST)
I am searching for info regarding my great-great grandparents PATRICK DALY(c1798-1865) and CATHERINE SWIFT (c 1809-1880). They emigrated to Canadafrom Co. Kilkenny I think. If you can help, please answer. Thanks.

Trish Little Taylor <trishtaylor@lucent.com>
Tuesday, January 13, 1998 at 15:13:10 (PST)
I am looking for a Patrick Daley born in Ireland around 1839. Accordingtohis death certificate his father was Patrick and Mother was MaryMcGuinnes. Great Grandfather married Mary Toomey (1854-1932) in Everett, MonmouthCounty,New Jersey. Patrick died in 1890. Any suggestions would be helpful.

Tim Daly <dalyquery@strandnet.com>
Tuesday, January 13, 1998 at 15:05:20 (PST)
Looking for any DALY'S from County Roscommon, Ire.

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