unknown newspaper, April 7, 1881

Farrell Galligan, the oldest man in Chickasaw Co., died at the residence of his son, Owen Galligan, in Utica Township, Mar 28 at the advanced age of 107 years. He was born in Co. Cavan, Ire. and came to America in 1848. He leaves two sons, Patrick and Owen, and three daughtrs, Mrs. Commerford, mother of Supervisor Commerford, Mrs. Galligan, widow of Wm. Galligan, and Mrs. Sylvester Reilly.

The family connections are numerous, the deceased having about 100 children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Up to a few days previous to his death he was in good health altho his mental faculties were somewhat clouded, having attained his second childhood. He died of old age, without pain or sickness, but life had run out - the candle had burned to the socket.

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