A Daly's Family Tree

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                                                            James Daly
                                      John J. Daly (1831-1899)
                                       |                    Mary Cooney 
                               John Daly (1869--1960)
                               |       |                    Michael Cullinan
                               |      Hannah Cullinan (1833-1914) 
                               |                            Honor Maley
              Thomas Philip Daly (1916-1995)
              |                |                            John Walsh (1794-1893)
              |                |      Andrew Walsh (1838-1915)
              |                |       |                    Mary Keefe (1810-1878)                                  
              |                Mary Anne Walsh (1880-1960)
              |                        |                    John Murphy (1817-?)
              |                       Annie Murphy (1846-1931)                   
              |                                             Bridget Murphy (1820-?)
Timothy Patrick Daly (1954-Present)                                                                 
              |                       Andrew Feeney (1839-1922)
              |                        |
              |                James Thomas Feeney (1879-1940)
              |                |       |                    Thomas Daniel Brennan (1817-?)
              |                |      Mary Jane Brannon (1849-1919)
              |                |                            Ellen McGovern (1821-1881)
              Mary Cecilia Feeney (1916-1995)
                               |                            Patrick Galligan (1817-1891)
                               |      Phillip Galligan (1856-1932) 
                               |       |                    Mary Reilly (1824-1911)
                               Mary Josephine Galligan (1886-1967)
                                       |                    Peter O'Byrne (1822-1916)
                                      Mary Elizabeth O'Byrne (1858-1937) 
                                                            Mary Mullen (1827-1901)

John J. Daly

Son of James Daly and Mary Cooney. Born ca. 1831 in Kilbegnet Parish, County Galway, Ireland. Died 19-April-1899 in Freemont Twp., Winneshiek Co., Iowa. Immigrated with a brother, Martin and at least two sisters, Abbey and Ellen in 1853. They arrived in New York where they stayed briefly with an uncle, John Cooney in Coxsackie, Greene Co. They headed west to Woodstock, McHenry Co. Illinois, where they lived for several years with another uncle, Martin Cooney, before arriving in Winneshiek Co. Iowa circa 1860.
Married Hannah Cullinan in Lyons, Clinton Co., Iowa in July 1858. She was the daughter of Michael Cullinan and Honor Maley. Born in Ower Townland, Killannin Parish, County Galway, Ireland in April, 1833 and died in Cresco, Howard Co., Iowa, 21-Sep-1914. Immigrated in 1850 to New York City and spent several years there and in Wheeling, West Virginia before moving west to Chicago. After marriage the couple lived in Fulton, Illinois prior to settling on the farm on the Upper Iowa River in Winneshiek Co. In all legal documents (land, court records) her maiden name is given as Collinson, perhaps due to a missunderstanding by immigration agents. Siblings in Ireland used Cullinane. The Dalys are buried in St. Kierans Cemetery, next door to the family homestead.


Mary C. b. 1859 IL d. 1942 IA
Ellen Agnes b. 1860 IL d. 1893 MN
Anna Theresa b. 1861 IA d. 1919 IA
Margaret b. 1863 IA d. 1897 IA
James J. b. 1865 IA d. 1904 IA

Michael b. 1867 IA d. 1867 IA
John Joseph b. 1869 IA d. 1952 CA
Thomas Philip b. 1871 IA d. 1914 IA
William J. b. 1873 IA d. 1953 IA

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Andrew Walsh

Son of John Walsh and Mary Keefe, born 31-May-1839 in Glenbally Valley Townland, Rosbercon Catholic Parish, Dysartmoon Civil Parish, Ida Barony, County Kilkenny, Ireland, died 29-Sep-1915 in Harmony, Fillmore Co., MN. Immigrated in 1849 with his parents, 4 brothers and 3 sisters. They arrived in New York August 27 aboard the Republic with Captain Robert Marshall. The family settled on a farm near the town of Westport in Dane County, Wisconsin shortly after their arrival.
Married Anastacia Murphy in 1869 and they settled on a homestead in Harmony, Fillmore Co., Minnesota that same year. She was the daughter of John and Bridget Murphy, born in December 1846 in Ireland and died 4-Nov-1931 in Cresco, Howard Co., Iowa. Immigrated in 1854 at age 8 with her family to Dane Co., Wisconsin after a brief stay in Massachusetts. The Walsh's are buried in St. Agnes Cemetery, Plymouh Rock,Iowa.


John William b. 1871 MN d. 1931 MN
Patrick L. b. 1875 MN d. 1953 MN
Edward b. 1878 MN
Mary Annb. 1880 MN d. 1960 CA

Arthur b. 1882 MN
Bridget b. 1883 MN
Elizabeth b. 1885 MN
Andrew b. 1890 MN

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Andrew Feeney

Son of James Feeney, born 24-Dec-1839 in Ballygar, County Galway, Ireland, died 19-May-1922 in Lawler, Chickasaw Co., Iowa. Immigrated in 1865 and purchased a homestead in Chickasaw Co. near Lawler that same year.
Married Mary Jane Brannon 13-Jul-1875. She was the daughter of Thomas Brennan and Ellen McGovern, born 3-Mar-1849 in Mansfield, Richland Co., OH and died 24-Nov-1919 in Lawler. Her parents had Immigrated from Carrickmacross, Macheraclone, County Monaghan, Ireland. The family moved to Waucoma, Fayette Co., Iowa in 1864 from Sibley, Crawford Co., Ohio. The Feeney's are buried in Mt. Carmel Cemetery in Lawler.


Nellie Landinna b.
James Thomas b.
Frank b.
Mae b.

Kathryn Loretto b.
Lilly b.
Rose Anna b.
Eve b.

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Patrick Galligan

Son of Farrell Galligan and Mary Reilly, born 1817 in Corduff Townland, Crosserlough Parish, County Cavan, Ireland, died 9-Feb-1891 at home in Lawler, Chickasaw Co., Iowa. Immigrated in 1841 and lived in Canton, MA until 1850 when the family moved to Washington Co., WI and again in 1854 to Utica Twp., Chickasaw Co., IA. He was the Sherriff of Lawler from 1859 - 1862. His parents and siblings immigrated in 1849, arriving in New York aboard the H.H. Boody on May 4th. They all appear in the 1850 census in Wisconsin.
Married Mary Reilly in Providence, R.I. on 2-Apr-1844. She was born 2-Feb-1824 in County Cavan, Ireland and died 2-Jan-1911 in New Hampton, Chickasaw Co., IA. The Patrick Galligans are buried in Our Lady of Mount Carmel Cemetery, Lawler, IA. The Farrell Galligans are buried in Sacred Heart Cemetery, Reilly's Ridge, Chickasaw Co., IA.


Mary Ann b. 1845 MA d.?
Ellen b.
Phillip H. b. 1856 IA d. 1932 IA

Bridget b. 1860 IA d. 1924 CA
P.J. b. IA d. CA
Margaret b. 1866 IA d. 1947 CA
Theresa b. 1868 IA d. 1958 CA

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Peter O'Byrne

Born 29-Jun-1822 in County Dublin, Ireland, died 25-Oct-1916 in Chickasaw Co., IA. Immigrated in 1847 to New York City where he married Mary Mullen 25-Feb-1853. She was the daughter of Hugh Mullen and Mary Donahue, born 14-Mar-1827 in County Monahan, Ireland and died 12-Feb-1901 in Chickasaw Co., IA. Immigrated 10-Apr-1849 to Boston MA, moved to West Troy, NY in 1850. After marriage, the O'Byrnes arrived in Lawler in 1854 and are buried there in Our Lady of Mount Carmel Cemetery where they were founding members of the parish.


Peter E. b. 1855 d. 1930
Mary Elizabeth b. 1858 IA d. 1937 IA
Hugh Edward b. 1862 IA d. 1927
Steven A. b. 1864 IA d. 1895 IA

Rose Ann b. 1866 IA d. 1944 IA
Michael J. b. 1868 IA d. 1949
Bridget b. 1870 IA d.?
Zita b. IA

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